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So what is the lesson we learned other than A&E doesn't respect free speech? What's new? The problem I have is that he didn't pull this out of thin air he was asked for an opinion by a journalist and then in an A HA moment....a Christian is condemned for having a Christian perspective. Can't get my head around most of the absurdity!
This ranks up there with the boy playing by himself on the school play ground with imaginary weapons! I would sue the school because this boys future may be affected by a school system that doesn't have jurisdiction over what goes on in the home. Unless that has also changed!
You are living in a bubble. Rates will increase across the board to compensate for the lack of young people getting on board and the inability to charge according to predicted use of coverage for people with chronic conditions. Nothing is free in this life and acting like this bill is going to save anyone is a joke. Employers are likely to drop group coverage and opt for their employees to get on the subsidies offered by the government. If you want to see how government healthcare works look at Medicaid, Indian Health, and Medicare. Do you really think that Medicaid addresses all needs? Indian Health....the do the best they can with the funds they have available. I had a friend who broke her leg and the Indian Healthcare paid for the surgery. Well the surgeon didn't set it straight so it healed with her foot pointing out rather than forward. She had to wait a year for the funds to come in to have that botched surgery corrected. I think Obamacare is dreadful and I hope it is killed as soon as possible. I am in the majority of people who also believe this so don't blame reporters or politicians. The people want it killed.
I think some of the comments are being taken personally and actually focusing on a narrow view of the overall article (which is very good article). The media gets away with this distortion on a daily basis and how many people believe it? The number is too high and the media should be held to a higher standard and it is up to us to do that. I turned off the news on the major networks and get my news from different websites as well as Fox News. Whether you like Fox or not it is a station far more likely to give both sides of an issue.
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The Coming Obamacare Disaster

anonymous402 Wrote: Jun 06, 2013 2:43 PM
Brilliant idea. I think I will start using that term if you don't mind!!! Democrat Health System!
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Why Do Liberals Fear Success?

anonymous402 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 1:28 PM
Being gay doesn't cause one to be respectful or disrespectful. No one agrees with another 100% but that doesn't mean in this forum that because someone is gay they are unable to contribute to the conversation with substance and passion. What exactly are your ideas? I would rather that be the starting point of the conversation instead of you are a gay person and discount being heard in this forum.
So...did you actually read the article? It was pretty accurate. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in 4 years and the President presents his late (and has yet to have one passed). The government is bloated and there isn't any actual cuts going on. They call it a cut when the amount of increase is decreased. The government will still spend more money this year than last year. What makes sense about that? I think the GOP is finally doing what is right. Finally being the operative word. Exactly what is not being paid? Haven't heard of anything that is not being paid. President can't fund more big worthless programs that won't accomplish anything? When will you actually do your own research rather than regurgitate talking points?
Well, isn't this nice. A liberal who doesn't call names and incite ignorance...........NOT........ My guess is that you wouldn't actually be on a conservative site if not to get accurate information. Read away!
What is most pathetic is that he is calling for "NOT" selling legal fire arms...just in case Congress outlaws these sales. Taking away our liberties is what he and his kind does best. There is a petition on the wh.gov website that calls for members of Congress, if passed, to adhere to the same laws they pass for everyone else. A lot of signatures are needed within about a month. If you have a few minutes, I believe it is worth forcing the white house to respond!
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