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Republicans’ Easy Way to Defuse Social Issues

anonymous3784 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 10:36 AM
Last time I checked the interstate highway system runs through the states. So how do you propose that law enforcement enforce the DUI laws? Why should we all put our lives in the hands of a bunch of stoners with diminished response times, or bouts of paranoia & drowsiness? In theory I agree about abortion. Now, please tell me how to defund planned parenthood, medicaid, et al programs that fund "reproductive health"? Next, pls tell us how to fund private health care's need to comply with 50 different state mandates on payment polices. Or, how to fund the increased A/P & accounting requirements for compliance? And it goes on an on infinitum.

This is part two of a column on the state of Republicanism and how they should move forward.

In 1973, the Supreme Court issued one of their worst rulings ever in Roe v. Wade. Largely made from “whole cloth,” the ruling has started a 40-year fight over abortion that unnecessarily has divided this country. If Republican principles were in place on this issue, then there would be a heated discussion; but the core of the fight would be defused and the issue would be handled at the state level where it properly belongs and where other issues should be handled.