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Should Republicans Just Give Obama What He Wants?

Anonymous3292 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:50 AM
The reason some people don't put the blame on the President for the last four years is that in their own lives they always blame someone else for their failures. Bad Parents, bad teachers, bad supervisor, racism, the rich. In my job I deal with these people all the time. Never once are they responsible. It does not matter how many bad choices they make it is always someone elses fault. So no matter what their hero does whatever goes wrong will be Republicans fault. Mitt was right, there is no sense trying to win their votes they will never change!
Van Lingle Mungo Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 11:57 AM
Absolutely true. And don't forget that a huge majority of the "don't blame Obama" crowd haven't had his failed policies affect them as much as they have affected working people. As long as they get their check in the mail every two weeks, and a free cell phone and free health care and free everything else, they couldn't care less if Obama is turning the country into a Marxist utopia.

What should conservatives make of this provocative post from "RB" at the Right Sphere, which basically counsels Congressional Republicans to just get out of the way and let Obama have his way on the fiscal cliff?  Though I have some fundamental quarrels with the premise, I must confess that RB's "let it burn" playbook is certainly appealing on some level:

I’ve been watching the negotiations – if you can call Republicans negotiating with themselves while Obama still hasn’t put a plan on the table “negotiating” – over the “Fiscal Cliff” for weeks and it’s time for...