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It is to be reported on Line 12, Code DD. Look on the back of your W-2 for the directions. I don't think it is mandatory yet, but it probably will be soon.
Have you ever seen any of Bill Clinton's women. No one would call them pretty. If they were pretty they would not be with Bill Clinton!
You people are simply racist and sexist pigs! You can not criticise the President or Secretary of State! They are Democrats and can not do anything wrong. If they were Republicans they would have been front page news everyday since 9/11/12 and the lead story on every news broadcast. But you people are simply morons for not seeing how wonderful Barack and Hilary are! Hilary is the most admired woman ever to have lived. don't you read the newspapers!
Has anyone thought to ask the mental state of this man's mother? Perhaps she had the guns to protect herself from him or maybe she suffered from paranoia ?
Maybe he can get a free cell phone!
Actually The Addordable Care Act was ruled constitutional because it was a tax. The number of taxes is irrelevant to the constitutionality!
MS: You forget that Bush inherited $6 T of that from Clinton.
The reason some people don't put the blame on the President for the last four years is that in their own lives they always blame someone else for their failures. Bad Parents, bad teachers, bad supervisor, racism, the rich. In my job I deal with these people all the time. Never once are they responsible. It does not matter how many bad choices they make it is always someone elses fault. So no matter what their hero does whatever goes wrong will be Republicans fault. Mitt was right, there is no sense trying to win their votes they will never change!
The Bush TaxCuts expired in 2010. We are currently living with the Obama Tax Cuts. Try to keep up!
Too many things are unraveling and falling apart for the Obama campaign to fix at this point. For all intents and purpose the election is over. The Kool Aid people will drink the Kool-Aid the smart people will go with Romney. We tried HOPE now lets try CHANGE, R&R 2012
Isn't that a racist remark?
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