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Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Hidden in Fiscal Cliff

Anonymous3224 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 12:08 AM
The Democrats need to get rid of the donkey and make their mascot a condom. They halt productivity, discourage cooperation, protect a bunch of d**ks, and give a false sense of security to people who like to screw others.

According to Americans for Tax Reform, there is a $1 trillion tax hike hidden in the fiscal cliff that has been kept under the radar. The Congressional Budget Office estimates new or higher ObamaCare taxes will total a net $1 trillion over the next ten years starting in 2013. The taxes are permanent due to being written into the legislation and come in the form of a medical device tax, surtax on investment income, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax rate, the medical itemized deduction "haircut" tax, employer and individual mandate non-compliance tax and more. The numbers below...