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If you want to insult someone's love life, say it's like a soccer game: lots of running around, but not a lot of scoring.
I've heard of computer crashes. I've just never heard of one that was this convenient.
Precisely. Ultimately, when given the choice between a hardcore Democrat redistributionist and a kinda-sorta Republican redistributionist, the Democrats ultimately win.
Powerline did a multi-part series on the Civil War On the Left. Last I saw, it was at Part 7.
It's been done to death, but it bears repeating. 11) Where was Hillary that night?
Wasn't the official party line that lots of bad weather was why the Soviets couldn't grow wheat? That they'd bought into Lysenko's junk science had NOTHING to do with it, of course.
How utterly sick, demented, and depraved does Obama have to be, to ask the networks to cancel their programming so that he can gloat it up on national TV and rub Americans' noses in it for an hour?
"No two people should have such a huge influence" blah blah blah. Then perhaps your party needs to stop worshiping at the altar of Marx and Alinsky, Chuckles.
Right. This from the same DOJ that let the New Black Panthers get away scot-free with brandishing nightsticks outside the polls in--wait for it--Philadelphia? I'll believe it when I see it, and not an instant sooner.
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Obama Should Go to Sochi

Anonymous3224 Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 4:52 PM
Why in the world would Obama want to go watch the Winter Games--in Russia, or anywhere, for that matter? He only does the "warm" sports. Obama knows so little about winter sports, he probably thinks "skeleton" is something you hide in your closet, "curling" is something that's only done to hair, and "Super G" is the name of an obscure rap artist.
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