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And that multi-bazillion dollar lakefront mansion of his is in one of the whitest ZIP codes in the entire state of Michigan, if memory serves. Mr. Moore, here's a challenge for you: ditch your security detail, and spend Devil's Night, from sundown to sunup, on the streets of inner-city Detroit, unarmed. If you can spend the entire night out there without ever wishing you had a gun, then by all means, feel free to drone on. Until then, shut your oversized pie hole.
I was heading over to Ballston Common Mall in Arlington right as the rally was letting out, and the crowd on Metro's Orange Line was HUGE. It looked like rush hour. Sure didn't sound like it, though--nobody talks on the "Orange Crush" during rush hour, but this crowd was chatting up a storm, and happier than Capitals fans after an Alexander Ovechkin hat trick. This is one Washingtonian who wouldn't mind seeing Beck holding rallies here every week. His crowd left our city better than they found it. Beats the heck out of the rat infestation we got out of the Occutards.,,
"We simply will not let ourselves to become the fall guys for this president's irresponsibility. "Your taxes are going to go up next year, in some cases by thousands of dollars. Some of you who have gotten used to getting refunds are going to find out that you owe. More money is going to be coming out of your paychecks in the New Year, and those higher deductions are here to stay. "America, you voted to re-elect this demagogue, and elections have consequences. You're about to find out firsthand everything we warned you about in the fall campaign. "So don't come crying to us. This is Obama's economy, and he now owns it, in its entirety. "Enjoy the double-digit unemployment next Christmas, and God bless America."
"My colleague in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, tried to bring Mr. Obama's plan, such as it is, to the floor of the Senate for a vote. The Democratic leader of the Senate refused to allow a vote on it, because he knows that Mr. Obama's proposal is either so unserious, or so disastrous, that it can't even pass a Democratic Senate. "We have tried to reach out in these negotiations. Some would argue we have reached too far. Yet Mr. Obama continues to demand more and more money that this country simply does not have. Obama is being an inflexible demagogue, and he is not negotiating in good faith. "As a result, the Republicans in the House are walking away from these negotiations. [more]
"As an aside, I must say that that is a fool's errand. The problem is not that Washington doesn't take too much money out of the pockets of the American people. The problem is that we spend too much money, and have promised to spend a lot more money, debts which will shackle posterity for generations. To be blunt, it's the spending, stupid. "And yet the president refuses to consider the only real solution to our fiscal problem, which is cutting spending. He wants you to believe that taxing the successful will be enough to pay for all this spending. It won't. Simply put, the rich in America aren't rich enough to afford all the spending Mr. Obama demands. [more]
What Boehner needs to say: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow citizens, good evening. "There's been a lot of talk lately about the fiscal cliff. You've all heard about it, you're wondering how it's going to affect you, and you're wondering why no one in Washington seems to be doing anything about it with the clock ticking down. "Let me address the last part first. Republicans in the House of Representatives have made several good-faith gestures in the president's direction. Against our better judgement, we've offered some additional tax increases in certain areas, trying to bring more money into Washington to help control the deficit. [more]
The Democrats need to get rid of the donkey and make their mascot a condom. They halt productivity, discourage cooperation, protect a bunch of d**ks, and give a false sense of security to people who like to screw others.
Drudge is linking to a petition that asks to allow Louisiana to peacefully withdraw from the Union. And the election was less than a week ago. It begins, folks. Lock and load.
Harry Reid behaves like a partisan hack. In other news, the sun rose in the east today.
"Bronco"? There's an O.J. Simpson joke in there somewhere.
Yup...and the car's a Chevy Volt. Not that there's an awful lot of room to shag in one of those, but that's all we'll be driving if Ocommie wins again.
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