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How utterly sick, demented, and depraved does Obama have to be, to ask the networks to cancel their programming so that he can gloat it up on national TV and rub Americans' noses in it for an hour?
"No two people should have such a huge influence" blah blah blah. Then perhaps your party needs to stop worshiping at the altar of Marx and Alinsky, Chuckles.
Right. This from the same DOJ that let the New Black Panthers get away scot-free with brandishing nightsticks outside the polls in--wait for it--Philadelphia? I'll believe it when I see it, and not an instant sooner.
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Obama Should Go to Sochi

Anonymous3224 Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 4:52 PM
Why in the world would Obama want to go watch the Winter Games--in Russia, or anywhere, for that matter? He only does the "warm" sports. Obama knows so little about winter sports, he probably thinks "skeleton" is something you hide in your closet, "curling" is something that's only done to hair, and "Super G" is the name of an obscure rap artist.
He no longer takes responsibility for the office he holds...but he'll sure take all the golf he can get out of his office. What's he up to, 116 rounds now? Fore!
They'll tolerate it for either the rest of Dear Leader's term, or until the gravy train runs dry. Frankly, I think the entire house of cards is going to collapse on Dear Leader's watch, at which point his legacy of being a failed president will become both obvious and permanent. Once Fedzilla's credit card gets cut off, the welfare payments stop, and the sheeple finally realize they've twice elected a con man, it's going to get very, very ugly.
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Flat Tax or Fair Tax?

Anonymous3224 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 1:14 AM
Except the problem with a flat tax is, what about those who have no reportable income? What about those who live in the underground economy? Do they get to pay zero taxes while those who are working honest jobs send their money to Washington? The FairTax would affect all citizens equally. If you don't earn any income--say you're living off an inheritance or you've got a lot of money saved up--then you beat the flat tax. And isn't one of the big problems of our current tax system that not every citizen pays? Every person in the country buys things. There are ways you can avoid paying a flat tax, but you can't avoid shopping. With the FairTax, EVERYONE pays their taxes. Only fair, right?
If they go for confiscation by executive fiat, I'd bet that a shooting civil war would start within a week. There are 70 million legal gun owners in the US. So if just 1 out of 70 descended on Washington with insurrection on their minds, it would be a million-strong army which could only be put down with heavy weapons and massive, massive bloodshed. And if that number went up to ten percent, you'd be looking at an army almost the size of New York City descending on a city of perhaps one million. It would be a slaughter.
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Piers Morgan Threatens to Leave USA

Anonymous3224 Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 12:08 PM
Meh. If he does go, good riddance to bad rubbish. And since when do leftist apostles recognize and respect contrary opinions? Heck, they'd put every single conservative in a leper colony if they could get away with it.
And that multi-bazillion dollar lakefront mansion of his is in one of the whitest ZIP codes in the entire state of Michigan, if memory serves. Mr. Moore, here's a challenge for you: ditch your security detail, and spend Devil's Night, from sundown to sunup, on the streets of inner-city Detroit, unarmed. If you can spend the entire night out there without ever wishing you had a gun, then by all means, feel free to drone on. Until then, shut your oversized pie hole.
I was heading over to Ballston Common Mall in Arlington right as the rally was letting out, and the crowd on Metro's Orange Line was HUGE. It looked like rush hour. Sure didn't sound like it, though--nobody talks on the "Orange Crush" during rush hour, but this crowd was chatting up a storm, and happier than Capitals fans after an Alexander Ovechkin hat trick. This is one Washingtonian who wouldn't mind seeing Beck holding rallies here every week. His crowd left our city better than they found it. Beats the heck out of the rat infestation we got out of the Occutards.,,
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