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He's going back to DC STRICTLY to deal with the optics, if you ask me. Two solid weeks at the Vineyard while the world is going to heck in a hand basket won't exactly do his approval numbers any favors. The mid-terms are 86 days away, and if he loses the Senate, he's going to have a united opposition Congress. He can't afford to slip any lower in the polls, so he's hoping that spending a couple of days back in Washington, at least pretending to go through the motions, will slow down the drop he expects to take in his numbers..
Actually, Obama HAD run something before running for president, and he was very good at running it, too. Trouble is, that "something" he was oh so good at running...was his mouth.
Clinton and Bush lost 11 and 7 points, respectively, between years 6 and 8 of their terms. If that holds, Obama could end up in the low 20's, or even the high teens, before it's all over.
The GOP had more than enough Senators to acquit Nixon had the vote gone along party lines. 34 Nays would have been enough, and they had 40. That is a fact. Look it up. It's ALSO a fact, that the Democrats only got to 62 Yeas after the '74 mid-terms. Nixon could not have been convicted without GOP votes in the Senate. Period. Yes, the Republicans did tip Nixon off that they intended to throw him under the bus. But that was done--wait for it--for the good of the country, to spare the citizenry from the sorry spectacle of an impeachment trial. The Republicans in '74 did NOT take the line of, "Yes, he's a crook, but we have to defend him because he's OUR crook," the way the Democrats did with Clinton, and are doing again with Obama. They knew Nixon needed to go, FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY; they told him as much, and away he went. My previous comments stand. YOU are the liar here, MudontheTires.
The Republicans do not put the party ahead of the country. That is not my opinion, it is a historical fact. Nixon resigned when the Democrats had less than 2/3 of the United States Senate. Yes, they had the House. But the GOP also had 40 votes in the United States Senate--41, if you include Conservative James Buckley of New York. If the GOP were going to put party over country the way the Democrats do, Nixon would have stayed in office, and he would have gotten acquitted.
If you want to insult someone's love life, say it's like a soccer game: lots of running around, but not a lot of scoring.
I've heard of computer crashes. I've just never heard of one that was this convenient.
Precisely. Ultimately, when given the choice between a hardcore Democrat redistributionist and a kinda-sorta Republican redistributionist, the Democrats ultimately win.
Powerline did a multi-part series on the Civil War On the Left. Last I saw, it was at Part 7.
It's been done to death, but it bears repeating. 11) Where was Hillary that night?
Wasn't the official party line that lots of bad weather was why the Soviets couldn't grow wheat? That they'd bought into Lysenko's junk science had NOTHING to do with it, of course.
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