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The only thing King Barry the Usurper wants to hear from the peasantry right now, is its adulation for his teleprompter performances.
"Incidentally, where were all these concerns about disruptions and consequences when a fleeting majority unilaterally stuffed a major reform down the throats of all Americans?" Me personally, I think it's more accurate to say that they stuffed in the OTHER end of the alimentary canal, but I can see why that would be difficult to print in a family medium.
We have a one-man fifth column in the White House, folks.
We'll see. They were still teaching communications majors at my alma mater about "Daisy" several decades after its only airing. Whether or not they'll be studying this ad in PR classes in 2050 or so...well...we'll see.
For what it's worth, Apple's "1984" ad only ran once.
But nobody in the (In)Justice Department is going to get in trouble for prosecutorial misconduct. For now. I think the prosecutors in this case might, just MAYBE, want to start looking for flights to Switzerland on January 20, 2017...
Eh...I think it's worse than that. I think she's living proof that it's possible to talk when you're in a persistent vegetative state.
There's a REASON the dame is known derisively as "Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz"...
An American president with a track record of courage in international affairs could look straight at the camera, tell ISIS that they care more about keeping Mecca on the map than they care about taking Chicago off of it, and that would be the end of the threat. The Syrian red line was Obama's last chance to show the world that he actually had a pair, and instead, he showed down with a jack high. No enemy of the United States is going to take his threats seriously, ever again. And since he cares more about his golf handicap than he cares about the safety of the American homeland, that's not going to change, and we've got two very interesting years ahead of us. And yes, I do mean "interesting" in the Chinese sense.
He's going back to DC STRICTLY to deal with the optics, if you ask me. Two solid weeks at the Vineyard while the world is going to heck in a hand basket won't exactly do his approval numbers any favors. The mid-terms are 86 days away, and if he loses the Senate, he's going to have a united opposition Congress. He can't afford to slip any lower in the polls, so he's hoping that spending a couple of days back in Washington, at least pretending to go through the motions, will slow down the drop he expects to take in his numbers..
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