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Excuse me? The Civil War -- started by Democrats. Entry into the Spanish American War -- pushed by the Democratic Party. WWI -- Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. WWII -- Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat. Korean War -- Truman, Democrat; Vietnam -- Johnson, Democrat. Involvement in Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Clinton (he promised we'd be out in 6 months). Better read your history. Even our current entanglements in the Middle East were approved by Democrats in Congress until it seemed politically useful to switch sides.
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Dennis Rodman Bows to Kim Jong Un

anonymous3218 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 4:31 PM
Because his presence in N. Korea and actions there reflect on American attitudes toward this vile regime. It seems to validate the leadership that starves and enslaves its people. It casts this despicable dictator in a "he's really not such a bad guy" light. Would the world have felt the same about Jesse Owens had he bowed, sat next to, and dined lavishly with Hitler after winning in the 1936 Olympics -- especially knowing what Hitler thought of blacks? I realize that Hitler snubbed Owens, but you get my point -- Owens' wins flew in the face of Hitler's propaganda, and Owens didn't sully the moment by chasing after favors and vowing eternal friendship.
And abortionists think they are God, therefore able to end life at will.
The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made possession or transfer of cannabis illegal throughout the United States under federal law. Guess who was president then? Roosevelt. How do you blame conservatives for that?
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Let's Play Guess the Perp!

anonymous3218 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 5:10 PM
Nice try. There's more than one informed source out there stating what Mr. Woodward asserted. He was 100% accurate, and the White House knows it. Everybody who's been paying the slightest attention knows it. Whoever spoke to Mr. Woodward on behalf of the White House also knows it. This was a threat against him for speaking the truth and is not the first when it comes to this issue. There have been two others, at least. This is not your business-as-usual government, and the sooner all Americans wake up to the fact, the better.
Which perhaps proves that this is not a right or left-wing problem, but a big government, power problem. Any government, if not held accountable for its misdeeds, will be emboldened to do worse the next time, figuring that the people don't care or knowing that they are too impotent to do anything about it. That's why giving even the most benign, well-meaning government too much power will backfire. You never know who will come into that power next and how he or she will wield the power they inherit.
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The Islamification of Texas

anonymous3218 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 5:39 PM
This CSCOPE program is even scarier than you might think. For a good overview, check out "Some Teachers at Odds with CSCOPE" -- I'd love to know where the seed idea for this program was planted and by whom. Where did the original funding for its development and marketing come from? At the risk of sounding paranoid, who is really behind it and why?
"Seriously, how can Obama continue this charade with a straight face? How long will the public tolerate it?" This assumes that the general public is educated, informed, concerned as a citizen (beyond his/her own immediate needs & wants), or gives a rip for the country. Clearly 50%+ of Americans and illegal voters fall short in one or more categories.
This is not a news site; it's an opinion site. Opinions may be based on facts, but are not a substitute. And name-calling proves only one thing -- you know how to pin nasty labels on someone's character. You disagree with Marco Rubio. Okay, that's fair. The rest of your tirade? Not so much.
I took a look. What a great story, and it doesn't sound fictional, though perhaps polished up a bit for print. It would be interesting to find out if there actually was a Horatio Bunce -- which would go far towards confirming the truth of the story. Thanks for the reference!
Not only is your comment filled with non sequiturs, but its also inaccurate. Rough numbers for the tea party: "26 million engaged tea party activists in the country today." That's down a bit since the November 2012 election, but hardly the decline that you imply. Also, what is scary, please, about an American grassroots movement that supports constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets? Of course, to a liberal or a Marxist, this would be very scary stuff.
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