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Biden's Day of Epic Failure on the Campaign Trail

anonymous3218 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 3:06 AM
Oh, yes, Obama did just great on the Benghazi debacle. Presidential all the way -- if that means lying through your teeth to cover ineptitude and indecisiveness that ends with 4 dead Americans. Yeah. Let's call him at 3 AM any time. Oh, and the Middle East is in great shape now under his leadership -- not a problem in sight; no threats from Iran; Israel safe; Egypt enjoying social and religious freedom like never before; etc. Obama really is the world's savior. Let's see, what else? How about the world leaders that support Obama -- do they signify what this man is? Putin, Chavez, Castro, and the like. Yep, I feel safer knowing this. How about you?

The circus called and said they're missing their clown. We found him!

Vice President Joe Biden had quite a day today out on the campaign trail stumping for his boss President Obama. First in Sarasota, Florida Biden said, "I'm going to give you the whole load." I'm not going to explain what that means here, but lets just say it's a pretty disgusting thing to say in public, especially in front of a crowd and at an event being broadcast on C-SPAN.

Then at another event,...

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