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Does anyone realize what a "shutdown" of the DHS means? 85% of the personnel are considered "essential." That means the DHS will retain 85% of it's working ability, and considering how badly Obama has hamstrung it's operation, 85% would be an improvement.
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With Friends Like These

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 5:43 AM
Concerning McConnell and Boehner, it is not "with friends like them who needs Democrats?" It is "with friends like them, who need enemas?"
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The Black Brunch Brats

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 4:24 PM
Who, indeed, is the money and brains behind these protestors? They certainly have none of their own.
I still say that we desperately need term limits in all three branches of government: Not just the Executive, but the Judicial and Legislative as well. The Senate has become an Oligarchy. The Supreme Court is a political tool. Expecting a Justice who is elected to a privileged, powerful and highly paid lifetime position to be politically neutral is naive in the extreme. Justices are confirmed by the party in power in the Senate, and would never have been nominated if their political leanings were not in line with the party in power. As for Congress, any Representative or Senator who needs more than 2 terms to steal enough money to live on for the rest of his life is too stupid to represent me, and I will vote against them on general principle.
Hard to trust OBAMA? Boehner has the gall to say that? Make no mistake, any Republican who voted for HR83, the "CRomnibus" voted to FUND the Executive amnesty. By the time the DHS defunding takes place and the new Republican Congress get around to "defunding" the amnesty, the amnesty will be a done deal that will not be much affected by the defunding process. HR83 is a fig leaf for RINOs masquerading as conservatives to hide behind, to fund the amnesty while appearing to oppose it. These duplicitous SOBs have sold out the voters who gave them the biggest mid term victory since 1928, and they have done so before the votes were all counted. They couldn't WAIT to jump into bed with Obama. Every Democrat voted against this bill, although few did because of the amnesty funding provisions it contains. Sixteen Republicans, out of all who promised to fight amnesty tooth and nail, voted against this bill. If your Congressman isn't one of them, they voted to fund the amnesty, period. With the weasel-like courage so common among prevaricating politicians, they point self-righteous fingers at those who at least had the honesty to openly support this unconstitutional garbage.
Her lips moving means she's lying. When she stutters, it is because something resembling the truth was about to come out, and she was distorting it just in time.
Bristol Palin is handling this with dignity beyond her years. Costello? After CNN folds, she can always go back to streetwalking, a profession for which she seems better suited anyway.
If I was a Democrat, I would pay Chris Christie to campaign for Governor Deal. I can think of a lot of endorsements that would carry more weight than Christie. However, I don't think I can think of another RINO who carries more. Christie is a Republican because he couldn't get on the Democrat ticket.
Kind of reminds me of Northern abolitionists in the antebellum US: They supported abolition after having made a fortune off of slavery. Who do you think owned the slave ships?
I used to live in Ms. Malkin's town, Colorado Springs. I was appalled when the state was hijacked by the Liberal Denver/Boulder mafia. Prickenpooper's election is their doing, and if nothing else, it woke up Colorado folks, and energized them to correct the oversight of leaving politics to idiots in Denver.
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