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BATFE Agents are secure in the knowledge that, no matter how badly they screw up, they will never be held accountable for anything other than the most piddling violations. Under the Clinton and Obama Administrations, They won't even be investigated. They routinely commit more and worse crimes than many of the ones they prosecute. It is not just at the Federal level, either. Fairly recently, in New York, NYPD officers opened fire on an UNARMED criminal. They missed him, but managed to shoot two innocent bystanders. In California, officers shot up a vehicle that contained two innocent citizens. These are just two of the more egregious instances. Misconduct happens on a daily basis all over the country. It is more despicable when committed by Federal Agents because of the almost non-existent instances of prosecution.
Nearly as shallow as the section of the gene pool they emerged from.
I have a better one. Less than a year ago, in Cedartown, GA, about an hour from the site of Chellew's murder, two black teens ordered a pizza. It was delivered by a young, pregnant white woman. These two "children" stabbed the delivery driver to death, killing her unborn child, also. They got twenty bucks and a pizza. As far as I know, no hate crime.
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All that Ammo

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 9:30 AM
If you could get a straight answer from one of these incompetent bureaucrats, they wouldn't be bureaucrats. If they possessed a higher than room temperature IQ, they probably wouldn't be sucking at the taxpayer teat. The only difference I can tell betwwen a bureaucrat and a welfare mooch is the mooch is a better bargain. We get the same amount of useless for less money with the mooch. At least they don't charge as much for their indolence.
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Anonymous2884 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 11:20 AM
As a former resident of Colorado, I never thought I would say this, but Colorado has become a good place to be FROM. Be careful about inviting crrent residents to live in Utah, the influx of liberals from the Northeast and the West Coast is what changed the demographics to what they are now. I hold out hope that all of the conservatives who decided to sit out the last election will realize what happens when you are unwilling to settle for half a loaf, and decide not to vote as a protest or something. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if you don't fill it, a liberal will.
Almost forgot! In a way, I admire the singular flexebility of these people; Have you ever given any thought to how difficult it is to stick your foot in your mouth while your head is firmly wedged in another portion of your anatomy?
I like it! I like it! Surely these elitists have the courage of their convictions. Talk of peace only works when everyone desires it. If only you desire it, and you are unarmed, then you'd best talk really fast.
I lived in Colorado in the 1980s. Such legislation would have been unthinkable then. The steady influx of liberals from the Northeast, and the West Coast have caused a change in Demographics, but there are still enough good people in Colorado to change this in the next election. Maybe now the fence sitters and non voters will realize what their apathy has cost a once proud and free state.
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Trouble in the Nanny State

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 8:19 AM
I don't understand this link between poverty and teen pregnancy; what does being poor have to do with being too stupid or lazy to take advantage of all the birth control offered to you? Is it possible that you can be so poor you can't afford free stuff? Perhaps it's more likely that you just don't care, because Uncle Sugar will give you the free stuff anyway if you become pregnant, and what's one more thug in the oven? Your contribution to the betterment of society? Oh, wait, I know! You had unprotected sex because you were too poor to afford free birth control, and too poor to go to the mall?
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Intellectuals and Race: Part III

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 8:10 AM
We HAVE term limits; they're called "elections." What we must have is an end to ignorant, apathetic voters who somehow think that re-electing the same unhung criminal again and again will somehow result in a different outcome. Do you actually think that the hogs will willingly remove themselves from the taxpayers'teat? If there were enough people who cared enough to force term limits on these scoundrels, we would have an electorate that was informed and willing to vote them out of office, thereby removing the need for limits. Politicians are not the problem, voters are. These weasels DEPEND on stupid voters, more than campaign contributions.
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