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Obama is trying to ensure an unending stream of Democrat voters. After Reagan's 1986 amnesty, Hispanics repaid his kindness by voting 70% Democrat. These are not some kind of "starry eyed immigrants in search of the American Dream," but rather beady eyed mooches in search of the American handout. They make no effort to assimilate, and have no desire to become US Citizens, What they wish for is "La Republica de Mexico del Norte, con Estampillas de Comida."
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O Audit, Where Art Thou?

Anonymous2884 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 7:55 AM
Of course not. Democrats are inviolate.
I'm just glad I am large enough to easlly carry my model 21. Been meaning to purchase a model 30, but stuff keeps getting in the way. My shotgun and AK stay at home, locked in my safe. Given my physical disability, (gimpy leg) I'm far better off with a .45, anyway.
What I said in an earlier comment. I carry pretty much everywhere, sometimes open, usually concealed, simply out of respect for other people's feelings. There are places where open carry is common and accepted. There are others where it is legal, but not the best course of action. A little common sense and common courtesy is really all that is needed. Firearms are not for intimidation. Sometimes "in your face" is counterproductive.
I commend Kroger. I do a great deal of my shopping there anyway. I urge all gun owners to let the management of Krogers know that you appreciate their position and their stance on the issue. While I personally carry concealed, usually, more and more people are carrying openly here in GA. It is legal, I am just trying to be aware of other people's feelings. I don't carry a gun to intimidate people, which is why I normally carry concealed, except in places and situations where open carry is more common. (You would be astounded at the number of open carries you see at our local WalMart, for instance). I have never seen anyone carrying openly do anything that would be considered objectionable or aggressive.
I think it ironic that the state that could be considered the "Birthplace of American Liberty" has become an enclave of Socialism; the antithesis of what their ancestors fought, bled and died for.
The average response time of the police in my town, about 7 minutes, better than the national average. the average response time of my .45? About 1000 feet per second, although, admitedly, I use hotter than average loads.
Happening in Texas? Unbelievable. Happening in Houston, which is barely a part of Earth, much less Texas? Very believable.
Ventura has a lot of class. Unfortunately, it's all low. Asa veteran, I hope I out live this hairball, so I can hopefully get a chance to spit on his grave, and urinate on his headstone. "Here lies Jesse the Liar. Still lying."
BATFE Agents are secure in the knowledge that, no matter how badly they screw up, they will never be held accountable for anything other than the most piddling violations. Under the Clinton and Obama Administrations, They won't even be investigated. They routinely commit more and worse crimes than many of the ones they prosecute. It is not just at the Federal level, either. Fairly recently, in New York, NYPD officers opened fire on an UNARMED criminal. They missed him, but managed to shoot two innocent bystanders. In California, officers shot up a vehicle that contained two innocent citizens. These are just two of the more egregious instances. Misconduct happens on a daily basis all over the country. It is more despicable when committed by Federal Agents because of the almost non-existent instances of prosecution.
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