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English common law says the child follows that of the father
Wrong, His father was not a US citizen at the time of Ted Cruz birth, and, TC was born in Canada
Recent interpretation of the 14 amendment allows all born on US soil to be considered citizens, but ,the amendment was added to the constitution to allow children of former slaves the privilege of citizenship & should not be interpreted to allow anchor babies &/or illegal border jumpers any kind of citizenship. They should all be forced to reverse their course & come in the legal way.
Native born, yes. Natural born, no. Rubio is not eligible, his Cuban parents were still Cuban citizens at his birth in Miami. Also not qualified as NBC are Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal & Nikki Haley
A vice president must also be a natural born citizen, based on the definition all founding fathers understood but did not bother to clarify. the definition they all understood was based on the publication they used to formulate the country, a copy of which, according to Ben Franklin, was available to all to peruse at the 1st Constitutional Convention. This publication is the 1758 Law of Nations by Emerich deVattel
You would rather homobama & the chief wookie spend it on another vacation????
For crimes committed against this country & its citizens,he should stand blindfolded at the wall while smoking his last joint.I call dibs on the live one.
Kneepads & while licking a woodie shaped licorice all day sucker
Replace Eric the Idiot with Trey Gowdy.The dems would all need depends.
Lots of muzzies in there,likely punking him.
Yup.Why do you think Billy got a wet willy under the desk.Hilly dont like a willie,she has a humma.
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