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Vattel also referenced by SCOTUS in 12 US 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814), again in 88 US 162 (1875) & again in 169 US 649 (1898). Look it up.
Per Ben Franklin, there were copies of Law of Nations studied & used by the founders at the Federal Convention, 1787. Also read British common law, it states that the child follows the condition of the father.
Read Vattels Law of Nations, Book 1, chapter 19, subsection 212.
If, the house took their head out of the dark place it resides, they would realize that Roberts gave them an out when he declared the obamacare mandate a tax, legally, revenue acquisition cannot originate in the Senate, only in the House.
Cruz father was not an American citizen
Until the country was formed they were British subjects.
Neither parent was a citizen of the US at the time of his birth in Miami. Both were Cuban citizens.
I think it says citizen "parents" not" one citizen parents", as you describe
Already a ditch there, it's called the Big River, better known as the Rio Grande. Populate the length that is still wet with crocks. Let the illegals build the fence, then add concertina wire to the top on both sides, a guard house each 1/4 mile, cameras as needed to monitor the complete length, relocate the military from the middle eastern countries to guard the north side of the fence, with live ammo.
English common law says the child follows that of the father
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