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Not more merciful...it is still butchery of innocent children...just more discrete and definitely in vogue in the halls of progressive liberals. It is also profitable. Gee...I guess abortion providers and ISIS actually have much in common.
Catholic nuns from Germany who served in Iraq as ISIS invaded told stories of how the terrorists would rape and cut the throats of Christian girls...bleeding them into bowls so the blood could be bottled and sold to rich Arabs in Saudi and other countries. The blood is used to wash the hands of non-combatants and makes them a part of the jihad. Bottles allegedly sell for around $100,000.00. Tidy business...no?
I can think of lots of labels Ms. Harf...but nuanced doesn't come to mind. I agree with one pundit's observation...you are the poster child for what graduate school is turning out in some Ivy League schools nowadays. You parade and trumpet stupidity and ignorance and tell each other how smart you are while being unaware of just how ridiculous you appear to the rest of the world. Unfortunately you and your ilk are more than ridiculous in this administration....you are dangerous.
I am afraid that the division in our country is too deep and too wide to repair. When we see example after example of delusional babbling and no action or ineffectual policies implemented by idiots that are in our State Dept., DOJ, and other branches of government including the idiocy or treacherousness of the man who pretends to be a POTUS....and we have 40% of people along with 90% of the intellectual giants in academia supporting such ideology and idiocy ( Marie Harf has a MASTERS degree)....we are in trouble. I see no common ground.
Thanks for your service Kurt. Our military still holds many of our best and brightest.
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Progressivism Kills

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Dec 25, 2014 9:21 PM
You are exactly correct. And those in politics and those who work the news to promote their agenda are going to find themselves in the thick of it.
Obama will just say no " to work place violence" . Michelle might send out the mighty hashtag. The press will pontificate on what we have done to earn the hatred of these poor men who have been "unjustly imprisoned" for wanting to murder us. The NYT will continue to want to prosecute anyone who supports a program which is actually kind to war criminals. More evil men will be released in the cause of political correctness. In the end more innocents will die.
Let's see....next Holder and Obama will label those demonstrators who were shouting for the death of police officers...as radical Tea Party members...
Didn't you get the memo? Holder wants no warrants for Sharpton....like he took the death penalty off the table for the ones who murdered Waynesboro, Virginia, police officer, Captain Kevin Quick...Holder will rush to the rescue of Sharpton.
If he could have made political hay...Obama would have thrown Sony under the bus and Holder would have launched a criminal investigation, if Sony had chosen to try to show the film and anyone had been injured. I am not sure how they would have blamed whites, police officers, or military....but the press would take the lies and run with them.
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