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Why Republicans Don't Get It

Anonymous2012 Wrote: 7 hours ago (5:29 PM)
Good article Shapiro. I would like to see a ticket with Cruz and Carson!!!
I think they should send her packing...
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Sick and Getting Sicker

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 5:03 PM
Whatever plans are being considered to repair the damage the Democrats and Obama have done to our country...the only way to success is honesty. We have to restore a government in which we can believe. politicians twisting the facts and covering up scandals has to stop. Falsely reporting unemployment numbers also has to stop. We need an accurate number of Americans who are out of work and have given up looking or are working at jobs that they cannot make a living at. We have to stop illegals from flooding into our country.
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You Can't Teach Liberals Anything

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 11:10 PM
You can always tell a liberal "progressive"....you just can't tell them much.
And your point is? Our troops on the ground in Africa have nothing to do with historical events of hundreds of years ago.
If our troops are infected, Obama needs to be held accountable.
No. He and the other "progressives" haven't got all that. They can't have it both ways. You can't support a political move by Holder to sue a state for enforcing laws designed to protect its borders and to prevent ILLEGALS from over running the state....and then turn around and say it is the state's responsibility to protect itself. The stupidity of these people who have supported this sorriest excuse for a President and his administration is beyond belief. They are as culpable and pathetic as he is.
You pretty well summed it up Sylvia. Like an old record that keeps playing in the same groove....and we are more than tired of it. Where are all the stupid people who voted for this sham of a President? They seem to be increasingly quiet.
All this talk about taking on the terrorists is one thing....putting the rubber on the road is another. If our nation is going to get serious about the threat of Muslim fanatics then we need to change our perspective and our level of commitment. That means putting a stop to progressives controlling the language and politics of our culture. We need to reinstate the draft. It is time that EVERYONE who wants to enjoy our freedoms starts to understand that freedom isn't free. We cannot keep sending our men and women back into battle year after year expecting so few to carry the load for everyone. Admiral McRaven has already commented on this abuse, stating that we have veterans who have more than 11 years of hard combat. With all the military's sacrifices Obama and his Democratic buddies feel free to cut our military to bare bones and then heap abuse on them. We have already lost and crippled too many veterans in an effort that was won until politicians in Washington trashed their sacrifices. I would love to see Obama and some of his buddies have to trade in their golf clubs for rifles and give us leadership and courage by example instead of cowardice, privilege and entitlement.
You sound like someone who lives in the make believe world of academia. Ms. Harrison is WRONG and so are you. Hiring illegals is ILLEGAL. This has nothing to do with choice. Close our borders....is that concept too hard for you?
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