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All this talk about taking on the terrorists is one thing....putting the rubber on the road is another. If our nation is going to get serious about the threat of Muslim fanatics then we need to change our perspective and our level of commitment. That means putting a stop to progressives controlling the language and politics of our culture. We need to reinstate the draft. It is time that EVERYONE who wants to enjoy our freedoms starts to understand that freedom isn't free. We cannot keep sending our men and women back into battle year after year expecting so few to carry the load for everyone. Admiral McRaven has already commented on this abuse, stating that we have veterans who have more than 11 years of hard combat. With all the military's sacrifices Obama and his Democratic buddies feel free to cut our military to bare bones and then heap abuse on them. We have already lost and crippled too many veterans in an effort that was won until politicians in Washington trashed their sacrifices. I would love to see Obama and some of his buddies have to trade in their golf clubs for rifles and give us leadership and courage by example instead of cowardice, privilege and entitlement.
You sound like someone who lives in the make believe world of academia. Ms. Harrison is WRONG and so are you. Hiring illegals is ILLEGAL. This has nothing to do with choice. Close our borders....is that concept too hard for you?
The foot dragging by Holder and Obama is so typical of this "most transparent" administration. It is doubtful that the American people will see any of them get the justice they deserve. There are plenty of people in Washington who are not afraid to accept "responsibility" for their actions knowing full well that there will not be any accountability.
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The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 11:55 AM
That might reach into a pretty high office nowadays. The point is that with all the talk in Washington about "taking responsibility"....the fact is they will willingly take responsibility because they know there is no ACCOUNTABILITY. Look at the way this administration and those working in government have sneered and laughed at OUR House of Representatives....lying, blatantly breaking our laws, and then destroying evidence at will. I still say we need to pawn Obama off on ISIS....if he were leading that organization he would reduce it to being totally ineffective in under six months.
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Prickly Narcissist

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 12:47 AM
Wow. Obama is nothing but bad theater.
There was nothing wrong with what Ted Cruz said or what he did.
If "polls show the majority of Americans favor gun registration" was true, the recall in Colorado would never have happened and the attempts in Congress to pass restrictive legislation would have long ago succeeded. The rabid left cannot accept or understand that the majority of Americans are opposed to the left's gun control agenda...THAT is what makes it a non-starter.
We need a vacation from Obama....
Give them a choice....co-operate or publish their names along with the home addresses. We could see how long their arrogance lasts before they either quit and leave the country or agree to co-operate and come clean.
With the world sharing in common knowledge of rapes... acts of forcing people into slavery... acts of cutting off hands and feet...the INTENTIONAL MASS MURDERS OF CIVILIANS including decapitation of men, women, and children....I actually heard another enlightened liberal lady journalist today pontificate that SOME WERE WONDERING if some of these acts might be considered war crimes. The same enlightened journalists no doubt that are condemning Israel for the casualties caused by the need to neutralize Hamas targets. Americans need to realize that there are many people in the press that are as much an enemy to us as radical Islam.
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