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A Series Of Chafing Dishes

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 12:38 AM
"We are a nation with borders and laws.".....well Derek...I am not sure if that is true anymore. We may have lost our sovereignty and we may have become a nation of party rule.
Ann...try to listen.... your Ivy League education and your mouth are in gear again without your brain. If we have any kind of an effective foreign policy that will truly pay us dividends down the road...it is the spreading of Christianity and the consequent good will from our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is by far the most cost effective and long term....assuming we don't then turn around and pay the Muslims to murder them all.
You have spoken the truth Mr. Jeffrey. Thanks.
All that is left is to change labels. When a judge can tell the people that they can't amend or add to their Constitution and when elites like Udall can speak down to people and pass laws that only pertain to the governed and we have a "would be monarch" who lives and acts like a despot king...I would say we are pretty much there.
EssE...you are a real piece of work. Get a life scumbag.
You are stupid and a coward. You are not deserving of the sacrifices others have made which make it possible for you to expose your ignorance and your blind hatred for anyone who isn't in the sewer with you. Personally... I hope this lawlessness comes to your door or touches someone you care about.
It would be political suicide for the Democrats....and the Big "O" to grant pardons or amnesty. I agree with Rush...the reason Obama hasn't done amnesty is because he knows it would be hung around their necks. He had plenty of chances while they owned all three branches of the government. The Dems are waiting for the Republicans to act on it so that the Republicans will get the blame.
Would anyone like to wager on how many veterans are on the list?
Katie, Mark Udall has been an arrogant liar his whole political life. I am desperately hoping that voters in my state will boot his sorry butt out of office. His staff is almost as condescending and arrogant as he is. Our founding fathers would have tarred and feathered him by now and ridden him down to Mexico on a rail.
Israel should never have given back any of the land they occupied during the '67 war. You do remember that war don't you? You do remember why it took place don't you...or are you as ignorant of Israel's necessary actions back then as you are now? "Enslave the rest of the world" ??? "Hamas will mind its own business"??? Wow. You really are a poster child for modern day education, stupidity, and political correctness. You need to thank God that Darwin didn't get it right.
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