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Oh...I can think of several situations and outcomes that will hopefully be worse news for these folk...including jail time with fines and punitive damages.
Great job Katie.
Katie...it is time for a call to arms. This is our republic...not Obama's. Our men and women have served and died to protect this republic and its ideals. We are allowing a traitor in the Whitehouse and some accomplices to destroy this republic. One little community in California has the guts to stand up to Obamanation. The governors of the southern states along with other western states need to join forces to stop Obama and Mexico. We need armed civilians on the border if necessary, but this needs to be stopped now.
You are correct and the problem is that we are faced more and more with an oligarchy and the SCOTUS and other courts have long acted out of their Constitutional construct through judicial activism and fiat. Having said that...it is still a win....and we'll take it.
Sharia Law??? Wow.
While we can comment on and critique McDaniel for his lack of "political savvy"...to do so also begs the question...what kind of person are we trying to send to Washington? Do we really want another professional career politician? The argument that he ignored black voters holds merit....that the election was lost as a result is in debate. It would appear on the surface that the election was won through voter fraud. This needs to be addressed (and quickly) through the courts. If McDaniel claims are justified then Cochran and the Republican establishment should at the very least have to forfeit the election and pay for all costs out of their pockets....not ours.
Good article Mr. Schlichter. We need to stand and fight. As you said...we can take care of the Republican establishment elites a little later. We need to peel one potato at a time and remember that sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
The issue before us is that our government is acting outside of the laws and is also demanding that we citizens play nice and obey all the laws....that is...what ever THEY decide those laws are on any given day. This is not going to end well. As Kurt Schlichter mentioned in his article...what is going to happen is that their opponents... mostly conservatives... will become more radical. Constitutional experts that testified before congress told them that the people will not tolerate this lawlessness on the part of government for long before they resort to violence. For some reason I do not think that the establishment elites believed them.
Publish the names and addresses of all the top IRS officials. Lets see how well they are liked and respected and see how they respond to pressure.
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