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Holder needs to be agitating from inside a cell block. He is a despicable racist and a criminal in his own right who needs to out of our government and off the streets. It is almost unbelievable that we have this man for an A.G.....but then take a look at his boss and it becomes all so clear.
I hope you are not as clueless as your post implies. You are apparently unaware of the sheer numbers of Americans who are opposed to amnesty, in any form. The lawlessness of this sorry excuse for a president and his total disregard for our Constitution has finally brought people together from both sides of the isle. Nobody promised impeachment...maybe on your planet...but not here. What we will not stand for is the Big "O" using illegals to stuff our ballot boxes. If this is not stopped it will lead to violence. If this is not stopped you probably better heed your own advice just to get out of the way...because if you continue and this boils over ..you and others like yourself may find yourselves in harms way.
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Questions for the Nominee

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 3:06 PM
Judge Andrew Napolitano...can you explain to us Sir why we should embrace this woman for AG, or care what she replies to questions asked? U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor perjured herself in Senate confirmation hearings...with no consequences what-so-ever. The fact that this racist, radical, and corrupt President has nominated her should be enough to send chills down any patriots spine.
It looks like it is time for another "Battle of Athens".
The same corruption is alive and well in Washington. Another reason to resist Amnesty in any form as well as any type of gun control for our citizens. We need to secure our borders before anything else is done. If Obama tries executive action for amnesty...and our representatives don't immediately neuter him...we need to rise up in armed revolt. Such an action by our President will amount to treason and will in effect disenfranchise conservatives in our country for years. Roughly 75% of Americans have said they want NO AMNESTY in any form and want our borders secured.
The GOP needs to keep Harry Reid's rules for the Senate in place. Period. No compromise. We elected the Republicans to stop Obama AND the liberals/elites in government. Obama and Reid have completely shut out and disenfranchised a whole political group while they rammed their agenda down our throats. It will be good for Democrats to sleep in the bed they made.
We elected the Republicans to shut down the Democrats and elites in Washington. We conservatives, many who are TEA Party members, will NEVER forget how Obama and the Democrats shut us out and COMPLETELY disenfranchised us in their move to force Obama Care and the rest of their agenda down our throats. We will not forget how they have lied to us. We will not forget how they have embraced crony capitalism and special interest lobbies. We will not forget the many abuses of office by Obama and his regime. Republicans had better listen to our voices and stop this B.S. about how smart the elites and establishment RINOs were to win this election. WE CONSERVATIVES WON THIS ELECTION by turning out to vote against Obama and the Corrupt Bastards Club of Washington. The Republicans had better clean up their act and Washington or more of them will be gone come next election and they will have wasted what may be their last chance.
I hold a minority view. To liberal politicians and others who would force me to fund abortions....you do so at your peril. If you insist on turning me into a serial killer...don't be surprised when I become selective.
Those in power in our government are very aware that the roles of master and servant have been reversed. Too many in Washington are separated only by an isle. They have a strangle hold on our nation and we will not pry them loose without a fight. It has come down to a question of resolve.
One of the biggest hurdles we face is the fact that accurate history has not been taught in our schools and many of our youth have been indoctrinated by their teachers with politically correct B.S. They have no accurate reference points and lack experience on which to base decisions. We seem to be almost out of the generations that would be willing to pick up weapons and fight for our rights and freedoms at home (battle of Athens, Tenn.). The only things transparently clear about Obama and his administration are, as you said, corruption and racism. Unfortunately, there are so many on the Republican side of the isle that are also elitists and just as corrupt. The corruption within the Republican National Committee rivals that of the Democrats. Carl Rove and other members of the Corrupt Bastards Club of Washington have to go. Look at what they have done so far in this election in Mississippi and other states. They attack and attempt to defeat anyone who threatens their power, privilege, and position. They are almost as bad as Obama.
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