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We need a vacation from Obama....
Give them a choice....co-operate or publish their names along with the home addresses. We could see how long their arrogance lasts before they either quit and leave the country or agree to co-operate and come clean.
With the world sharing in common knowledge of rapes... acts of forcing people into slavery... acts of cutting off hands and feet...the INTENTIONAL MASS MURDERS OF CIVILIANS including decapitation of men, women, and children....I actually heard another enlightened liberal lady journalist today pontificate that SOME WERE WONDERING if some of these acts might be considered war crimes. The same enlightened journalists no doubt that are condemning Israel for the casualties caused by the need to neutralize Hamas targets. Americans need to realize that there are many people in the press that are as much an enemy to us as radical Islam.
You are right. It is also about power and privilege and using the illegals as a means to keep it. There is no such thing as just 11 or 15 million illegals. Those numbers were based on information gathered over 20 years ago and have been passed long ago. We are at least over 30 million now...maybe more. Those are a lot of votes.
So it goes in the halls of the progressive left...they continually celebrate murder and racist eugenics. I grieves me to see such a talented, beautiful, and clueless example as Scarlett. I used to think that education was the answer for people who wanted to force all of us to embrace the horror of infanticide. I am coming around to the point where I believe they dont want to be confused by facts. The only other recourse may be an attempt to make the liberal press and other activists see conservatives more clearly....by providing them with a view of a rifle barrel at the same time.
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An Honest Conversation on Race

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 11:24 PM
This helps put things in perspective.... https://www.billwhittle.com/firewall/ferguson-and-real-race-war
Lois Lerner needs to spend many years in a federal institution.... and I am not talking about staying in the IRS....unless it also stands for a maximum security....Institution Reserved for Scumbags.
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A Series Of Chafing Dishes

Anonymous2012 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 12:38 AM
"We are a nation with borders and laws.".....well Derek...I am not sure if that is true anymore. We may have lost our sovereignty and we may have become a nation of party rule.
Ann...try to listen.... your Ivy League education and your mouth are in gear again without your brain. If we have any kind of an effective foreign policy that will truly pay us dividends down the road...it is the spreading of Christianity and the consequent good will from our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is by far the most cost effective and long term....assuming we don't then turn around and pay the Muslims to murder them all.
You have spoken the truth Mr. Jeffrey. Thanks.
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