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Well there's another reason for me NOT to move to New Jersey. I think a bunch of con men and scammers run that state. I remember one time I got in the mail a notice that a car with a license plate roughly similiar to mine ran a toll booth without paying. needless to say there was no way at that time that I could journey all the way down to Jersey to contest the ticket so I paid. My only thought on that at the time was what a sleaze pit the state is. New Jersey has always been a corrupt state and probably always will be. I wouldn't live there on a bet ....
This whole obsession is just more Bu11$h1t from the party that has taken the art of Bu11$h1t to new heights in today's political arena.
Great Just Great .... it's bad enough I have to fly with the current dfolks in Coach now we have to have politicians among us? Yuck!
Hollywood hasn't changed at all since my days working at one of the Major Movie Companies (some 40 years ago). Dope smoking, Drinking, sexual Hi-jinks, questionable business practices - all this going on in just the "business" offices not even the studios! The entire entertainment industry seems to attract these demented individuals and perverts. So no I don't find it new or startling in the least, I what I find that's really disturbing is that nothing has ever been done to stop it. That's what's scary!
Here, I have a proposition for Congress, Let's pass a constitutional amendment to BAN LIBERALS!
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A Man of Sterling Character

Flavius_Josephus Wrote: May 01, 2014 8:52 AM
Yes you're right! It's not against the law to be a jerk in the normal world....only in the Liberal world.
I'm sure you are all aware that what Harry Reid and the left wing in general are doing with all this Koch Brothers nonsense is what they have always done: Propaganda, Agitprop, etc. To me left wingers are no different from the Nazi's in this respect; both forms of "Socialism", Be it "Nationalist Socialist" or "Socialist Internationalist (Communist)", employ the old "Scapegoat" principal to demonize their opponents. The Nazis based their scapegoat on non-aryans and left wingers are doing the same to Rich people now (or at least, not their "Rich Folks"). I can hear it everyday whenever any of these clowns, like Reid, open their mouths. If the hypocrisy wasn't so criminal it would be funny,
Chris Matthews is a Moron, period. Which is why I hardly ever listen to him.
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Crimea River

Flavius_Josephus Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 10:30 AM
In regard to Vietnam One must NOT forget LBJ's kow-towing to the "great" Walter Cronkite's assessment of the Tet Offensive. A battle which Walter saw us as the "Losers". In our nation now the Media is no longer our friend .... It is the Enemy.
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