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Harvard to Host "Incest Fest" Hook Up Party

Anonymous19720 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:07 PM
There is a difference between being smart and being educated and a difference between being educated and being wise. I know a few in my field (engineering) that have master’s degrees and PhD’s but couldn’t tie their own shoes. And some who have worked a lifetime and never gone to college that are smatter that anyone I have ever known. You cannot buy inelegance any more than you can buy class, and those m0r0ns are proving my point nicely!
jmg11 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:52 PM
"You cannot buy inelegance any more than you can buy class,..."

Great line, if intended. I cannot tell whether you meant "inelegance" or "intelligence" -- either way, it gives me a laugh.

Well, this is disturbing. "Incest Fest" will be held at the Kirkland Hall this year at Harvard University. What's incest fest? Exactly what it sounds like.

Incest-Fest is, essentially, a campus party where making out and hooking up with as many people as possible is the goal. It gets the “incest” name because the event is open only to residents of Kirkland house–one of Harvard’s undergraduate residences. Thus, students who are living together (as if they were members of the same family, get it?? Incest? So funny, right?) are having sex with one another.