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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Anonymous19693 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 1:18 PM
Well if what God says is the truth (and not a lie) then we should take what He inspired men to write as the truth as fact, Correct? I suggest rereading your Bible (and asking God to guide your reasoning) because most of what you wrote is contrary to the Word of God, is not correct doctrine. We have ONE life to live, my friend and unless you are "born-again" (John 3) you will not see the kingdom of God.
Dean197 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 10:14 AM
Actually, if there is a God and what God says is the truth, what you want us to take as fact is still what men SAYING they were inspired by God wrote. You may not have noticed, but there were other men who said they were inspired by God who wrote different things. It's not like God smites people who claim to speak for him.

The new documentary Hellbound? has reignited discussion about the perennial topic of hell as well as revealed some very bizarre perspectives.

Kevin Miller, the film’s director, who identifies as a Christian, stated in an interview that, regarding the traditional view of hell as a place of fiery torment, “I don’t see anything in the Bible that would lead me to believe that such a place exists.” Instead, according to Miller, when Jesus talked about hell, he was talking about the here and now.

Really? Jesus didn’t warn about a place of judgment to come? And Director Miller gets his...