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No, we don't (hate them), but we do VEHIMENTLY oppose liberal politics.
You teach at UNC-C? Well that about says it all..
Yep, and I lived there! WOULD love to go back..!
This is no surprise given anyone who has ever lived in (or spend a good deal of time) in North Carolina. Both Christian segments (black-Democrats/latino-Dem) and White evangelical Republicans would overwhelmingly approve of the measure, as well as a few marginal votes from others in favor. It was easy to see the results from the Tarheel State!
No, I think he means "stuck" and you Romney supporters do him no favor, by your snarky comments.
Why shouldn't he call Romney out on the liberal positions that he's taken? I would if I were he, Romney is a progressive.
Like this (THAT NEWT IS STILL A CHOICE) because to stomach Romney is to stomach something that I must figuratively "barf-up"!
Santorum? The man who has all the money in the GOP-E can print to tear down his oppnents, the one who drew first blood against Newt in Iowa, and FL, then Santorum in MI? Sure blame him..
Or maybe we actually have a point that Romney stinks as the nominee. It's like putting a suit on scarecrow. It may be better than the crow (Obama), but not by much..
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