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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Anonymous19693 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 1:14 PM
How about the fact that if we're honest we are all sinners-and are really dead (as in spiritually dead) and seek after things that lead to death untill Christ redeems us through Faith in His Resurecction. If one is honest they'll know the truth that Hell is real, and we deserve it! However "God demonstrated His love for us in this: That while we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us"! Believe in Jesus (ask Him if you don't know what this means-and READ The Word of God, The Bible), I am sure if you are truely seeking..GOD will surprise you, He does care..
And yet you do the exact opposite of what Jesus would have done by your own pseudonym (calling somone names)? And I believe that Jesus would love gays, but not approve of their idiolity which lead them into homosexuality.. He would want them to repent, KNOW Him and then get set free from sexual bondage and sin. -J.S.
Self hating for loving God, and following his laws? I fail to see how any black or latino (or asian or whatever) that votes against gay marriage is 'self hatred' (or are all minorites gay and sociallib)?
And your condecension for its citizens (and others like you) is one reason why North Carolina will never be more than a flirt for liberal national politicians~!
Like! These two elections (Indiana and North Carolina) have energized me for this election more than this primary season has all year. (Of course it helps that North Carolina is a former home state of mine-and I currently live in Indiana (Mike Pence's old district the 6th).
No, we don't (hate them), but we do VEHIMENTLY oppose liberal politics.
You teach at UNC-C? Well that about says it all..
Yep, and I lived there! WOULD love to go back..!
This is no surprise given anyone who has ever lived in (or spend a good deal of time) in North Carolina. Both Christian segments (black-Democrats/latino-Dem) and White evangelical Republicans would overwhelmingly approve of the measure, as well as a few marginal votes from others in favor. It was easy to see the results from the Tarheel State!
No, I think he means "stuck" and you Romney supporters do him no favor, by your snarky comments.
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