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Obama's Little Red Phrase

RRef Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 10:05 AM
The word "Regulate" in the Constitution had a different meaning than it does today. Now it gererally means to control, usually with rules and regulations. In the context of the Constitution, it meant to keep regular, and in the context of the 2nd Amendment, it meant to put in good order or properly trained.
Jay Wye Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 10:37 AM
"properly functioning".

as in a clock that keeps good time,it was "well-regulated".

Steve of CA wrote: Personally I do not own a gun and would not feel safer if I had one, but I do not have a problem with law abiding people buying guns. That being the case, I have to ask of Mr. Ransom and others here, what controls, if any, do you favor over the purchase and use of weapons, including semi-automatic weapons such as the one used by the killer in Aurora? Or do you think we have too much gun control with the laws we have now? - The American Solution: Reach for the Guns

Dear Steve,...