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The Lesson of Dunkirk

anonymous18981 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 5:36 AM
I wonder how many Conservative voters like me, will stay home at election time, because they see no real difference between the Dems and the Republicans who won't fight for what is right. Kind of hard to win elections when your base won't bother to vote, when they are demoralized because their troops in Washington won't fight.
Absolutely correct!!!
Can't understand why Republican after Republican is trying to make Obamacare more palatable. I say, let Obamacare survive or die without any help from Republicans.
LOL, haven't thought of it in those terms, but it definitely seems to fit.
It's not so much the Obama Administration "can't tell the truth about Benghazi", as it is that they don't have to tell the truth. Telling the truth would gain them nothing. They don't have to tell the truth, because the media (Kirsten Powers included) don't force them (by holding their feet to the fire) to tell the truth.
It's hard to blame them for being unhappy. They know they provide no essential service, and yet are over-payed for what they do. They are stealing from every American Tax Payer - not just the people who fly.
FINALLY! Hopefully, the people of Arizona will followup by voting him out of office. Could never understand why Arizonians keep voting him back into office.
Dramatic decrease in the electric bill due to using more energy efficient bulbs? I think not! Electricity used for lighting is a small part of the average home's electricity usage, so reducing that small part of usage will not translate into a drastic savings on the electric bill. Also, typical uninformed voter thinks that buying the new bulbs will help the economy. Incandescent bulbs were Made in America - new bulbs are Made in China. Just how is that helping our economy?
I didn't think they still had dogs in N. Korea. I figured they would've all been eaten by now.
If all the oil in the shale were there because the oil companies had accidentally spilled it, the libs would demand that the government force the oil companies to use fracking to clean up the spills. Of course the recovered oil would have to be bagged and disposed of as hazardous waste, instead of letting us use it. Any negative side effects of fracking such as the ones complained about now, would be dismissed as "a small price to pay for cleaning up the environment".
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