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I remember reading, years ago, an article written by a crime reporter in New York City. This was in the 80's I am guessing. He had been on the crime beat for years, and he wrote something like (paraphrased, as I don't remember the exact figures) 'If every black male between the ages of 15 and 25 was jailed, the crime rate in New York City would drop by 90%.' Maybe Bloomberg's remarks ring too true for the new media and political class, and perhaps even many on the Townhall staff. The only question is why? What is the difference between minorities and whites that causes this problem?
We'll soon see him on the highway bulletin boards here in Texas - "Amber Alert - 106 year old moron with Secret Service Escort - please call Asylum if spotted!"
The good Lord has allowed this moron to live all these years to give us a view of the real idiocy of the Left. Sadly, most are too poorly educated to recognize the fact! I keep hoping he will join the Peace Corps and get lost in the jungle, but that would only cause our government to spend more billions in an attempt to rescue him.
I wholeheartedly agree! Of course, the children must undergo instruction in 'Can Safety' and of course, 'Can Throwing Accuracy,' and proper 'Can Handling,' as the cans brought to school must now be considered Dangerous Weapons! We will disregard for the moment that bringing the cans to school, as they are now properly labeled as dangerous weapons, will subject all the children to arrest and prosecution. We'll attack that problem by allowing the children to become certified in 'Proper Can Use as Weapons.' Of course, they must bring a can from home that is not allowed in Moooschell's approved school food program - waste not, want not, you know! This opens another can of worms, because now the parents become chargeable for purchasing 'Improper Food Items,' which opens them up for a visit from a new government department, the USPFA - the 'United States Proper Food Administration!'
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The Long, Slow March Into Tyranny

anonymous18855 Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 12:44 AM
Now run?? What do you think the founding fathers were worried about when they wrote the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights? Lying, thieving politicians from Great Britain is what they were fighting about at the time!
As per previous comments, what part of "REPEAL" do our conservative law makers understand? And I do mean JUST repeal! Before our 3 branches of government give us another 'Omnibus' program that solves a terrible problem that they have somehow become aware of, first show us, the people, a huge program that they have forced down our throats that is really working and cheaper than that which existed before.
if all the illegals were forced to leave, those on welfare would have jobs available, along with many who want jobs but can't compete with the low wage illegals. American businesses love illegals. They work cheap and can't really complain about bad working conditions, etc. At the same time those same businesses know that the medical, educational, welfare and all other ancillary costs run up by illegals are transferred to the U.S. taxpayer. At the same time, having such a large group of poorly educated illegals in the educational system drops the IQ that the system teaches to, and huge resources are used up in ESL courses, not even counting all the diseases that are being imported to our country. If the average criminal commits enough crimes, should we give HIM amnesty? It's the same thing!
The ONLY reason we will ever be welcomed into the middle east by group 'A' is if we agree to help destroy Group 'A's enemy group 'B.' "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." No true muslim wants a free democratic or republican government. Islam calls for a government based on the principals of islam, PERIOD. Any one who believes other than this is a total uneducated moronic idiot. That belief in an islamic government goes for ALL the muslims living in all non-muslim countries, INCLUDING the U.S. I fail to see why all the citizens of this nation have not yet figured that out!
If you live in D.C., you either live over a warm grating in the alley or you are worried that your private jet may not have enough runway at your new 'holiday getaway!' Neither is particularly worried about handguns. The one can buy on the street and the other has private (or government supplied) armed security.
The answer depends on what 'OR' means!!! (Ooops - the word was 'is,' wasn't it?)
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