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With us old white men retiring in droves, those on the left might soon wonder why their electricity, phones, roads, TV, computers etc. have become much less dependable. Seems most of todays' kids think that's work for those coming from 'south of the border.' I can attest that they are not capable of maintaining the system! You young Americans had better decide that some of you need to get technical educations.
Let her know that we have been fighting with a 'group' of people since the days of pirates and sailing ships, and their male children can field strip an AK47 before they reach their teens. Someday we will have to fight them for real, and it does not bode well for us when our children have been taught to fear ANYTHING that might cause a person bodily harm. I see that primitive fear of EVERYTHING in the eyes of most of our young persons today, and it will be hard to retrain these 'New World Citizens' into patriots willing to risk life and limb in defense of our Country and way of life. Woe to our Nation - please Pray as I do every day for our return to the God that has kept us safe through our short history as a Representative Republic.
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Israel's Manifest Destiny

anonymous18855 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 10:43 PM
You need not worry about Israel. Israel is under Gods' protection. Better that all of the citizens of the U.S. worry about whether we support Israel or not, for God has said that he will bless those who support Israel, and curse those who do not. I, for one, pray every day for Israel, and all of those who make up the children of Abraham.
Why should they read the bill? First, how many liberals COULD actually read and understand any bill half as complex as the ACA bill? Second, no matter how bad, this bill is the first step to a single payer system. Third, those who get health care for 'free' will vote democrat for life, and added in with the mindless liberal voter base and 'Compassionate Conservatives.' that is a voting block that cannot be defeated. This is a win - win situation for the left no matter how it turns out, and the supposed 'right' does not have the heart or the will to stop it.
"I shall give them as a sign and a wonder..." Think of the inroads into our Nation the Muslims have made, and they are only 4% of the population so far. When the end time comes I fear that the U.S. will be on the wrong side. We seem to be shunning Israel more and more, and it will cost us dearly as individuals, and as a Nation.
If rockets were being launched from schools, hospitals and churches in Virginia (with the tacit OK from the persons in those facilities) and exploding and killing citizens of Rockville, Maryland, I wonder how Rockville would react??? I would hope that they would just let the rockets fall whereever they may, in order to avoid harming those 'innocents' in Virginia! (Sorry Virginia, you are a bordering state - I had to pick one!) P.S., if you are a liberal, please be aware that this is what is actually happening in Israel, in spite of what you may hear from your favorite 'news' sources!
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What We Women Want

anonymous18855 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 12:21 PM
Just remember, almost all of those bills are SPENDING bills. Lowering the business tax rates (No business CAN pay taxes - they just COLLECT them for our overbearing government) - and tort reform, would do more to help our economy than any spending bill. If the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act is not killed, (along with a few others) and illegal aliens are not stopped from crossing our borders, it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it more quickly than you might suspect.
You just don't understand, do you? They can sell that healthy stuff and then use the cash to buy what they really want. It was happening 30 years ago. Cons will always figure out how to game the system.
You are showing your age, must be one of those unrepentant middle aged watchers of politically incorrect comedy!
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The Lessons of the First Time

anonymous18855 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 4:12 PM
Let's see -- His birth certificate is questionable (in fact, there are impossibilities on it if done on a typewriter,) we have seen virtually no records about his education, no real work records, no records of any accomplishments, and no proof whatsoever that he is who he says he is. In short, there has never been any proof that he is or ever was qualified to be in any elected position at all, much less President of the U.S. Sadly, there are many, many blacks who are perfectly qualified to be POTUS, and patriotic to boot - which I personally consider a vital qualification. Because of a gigantic and telling failure of the press, the chances of another black person winning high office may be much more difficult for many years. I will not go into how BHO has damaged and discouraged the entire country, that should be painfully obvious to anyone with eyes to see and a brain to comprehend.
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