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"Crucify Them": The Obama Way

anonymous18322 Wrote: May 21, 2012 6:09 PM
OMG, 0 bumbum M us t G o .... All because we failed to keep in place strong strong deterrents, in place to keep these fools from high treason, they want to take away our rights to a trial and every freedom , we need to arrest them starting with 0 for falsely applying for student loans as a foreigner, or falsely being resident whichever it is one is sure a crime Arrest him try him for treason and When he is proven guilty for high treason and all those who have been complicit in enabling him hang them by the neck until they are dead as a deterrent to any who would follow their pursuit of treason . This is our only hope and a warning from Thomas Jefferson the father of our constitution ....
The most rational reason of all, is my desire to be spared the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, I do not judge you, I judge the thing, this thing could lead to the destruction of us all, as the sin belongs to the US as a community , as a Nation///
No rational reasons ??? There are too many to list, however you in your reprobate thinking could never accept, nor understand them. I do not judge any person, only YES GOD your creator will, and I pray always for his mercy, for us all. A wise man judges all things, I can judge that our creator, did not create man to lay with man, or woman to lay with woman, because he said this. I pray HIS mercy on us all for all our wrongs as a nation, HIS mercy for all my wrongdoings as well, of which without the penalty would be death. I pray because of the wanton depravity, that GOD would continue to withhold HIS wrath on our nation, just as HE promised Lot HE would do as long as there was one good man in all of Sodom and Gomorrah. The most ration re
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