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Put Prospective Gun Owners Under The Microscope

Anonymous17480 Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 3:37 PM
And, theirs another little problem here also with Mardsens theory; apparently in her world if an "ex-wife" simply tells the police that her ex-husband is not "sane" then that ex-husbands 2nd Amendment rights would be suspended. I guess Mardsen never heard of that "due process " clause of the 14th Amendment that strictly prohibits that kind of thing; you know - punishing someone before they have had their day in court, etc. And, I wonder how Li'l Ms. Mardsen would feel if an unborn fetus had the same "rights"; you know again - like the child couldn't be aborted because it had not yet its day in court. Bet she would howl and raise heck over that wouldn't she.

PARIS -- Anyone who can't withstand a rational debate on the subject of gun control -- particularly in light of last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut -- should be automatically prohibited from ever owning a firearm. In fact, this should be the number-one requirement of gun ownership: Can someone applying for ownership of a deadly weapon withstand an hour-long debate against someone in favor of gun control without resorting to physical or verbal assault?

Is it too much to ask that every person wanting to possess a firearm be subject to a battery of tests -- everything from...