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Abortion is the proof positive that liberalism truly is a murderous philosophy.
Of course it will go to the SCOTUS. These libbie women demand the right to slaughter their own unborn children as they see fit and demand that the rest of us accommodate them. They'll find some radically left wing thug lawyer that will enjoy trying to clear the legal obstacles so the child killing can continues.
Its pure left wing propaganda and of course it aired just weeks before the upcoming mid-term elections just as Ken Burns "The Roosevelts" did which was nothing more than a puff piece for liberalism.
Harvard college kid strikes again.
What! The Holder DOJ targeted and misled the court regarding the prosecution of a conservative! SHOCKING! SHOCKINT I TELL YOU! lol
MIght as well sell whiskey to the Inidian (I know - I know "native Americans" ) as put Biden in charge of a war. Does he know who the enemy is? NO. NO. Its NOT Ted Cruz! lol.
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Paul Krugman Is Wrong Today

Anonymous17480 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 11:22 AM
Nothing surprising here. Do you know any liberals that feel the need to be nice to anyone?
Its not Fox News that has slaughtered 53 million of the unborn. Its the triad of the Dem Party, liberalism and the left wing. All of which is represented by the MSM, CNN and particularly MSNBC and similar outlets. Seems to me its those entities that are more similar to ISIS than Fox News.
Notice how they don't behead Russians? Think there might be a reason for that? Of course there is; Putin would kill every last one of them if he could.
Lets see; ISIS or "ISIL" as Barry likes to say is NOT Islamic even though it is virtually completely comprised of Muslim Islamists who openly and viciously believe in the Koran. But, those folks in the Tea ALL of them are racists because....well.............THEY are older white conservatives. And, THAT ladies and gentlemen is Liberal Think. LOL.
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