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Snarky little redhead isn't she. And, of course she dodged the question also.
Dem Party = Criminal Organization.
Of course crimes similar to these are committed by legals and/or citizens. But, the point is that these crimes need not have happened at all had the government properly enforced the existing immi laws.
No doubt Reid and his Nazi Party would do so if they could. But, I seriously doubt that the amendment would be able to leap all the constitutional hurdles in order to pass.
They accepted the student loans and now its time to pay the loans back. Its that simple. Maybe, while in school, they should have gotten a part time job somewhere instead of laying around the dorm smoking dope, boozing and watching Jon Stewart on tv mug his face for the camera while making silly comments about conservatives.
Government corruption. Total government corruptions.
Gay marriage. What a completely silly and disgusting concept.
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Hashtag Heroes

Anonymous17480 Wrote: May 11, 2014 9:24 AM
Terrorists have been slaughtering Christians now for years and I don't recall the Obamas raising much concern about any of that. Secondly, had these girls been WHITE I doubt seriously that the Obamas would be acting as they are now. And, finally had these kids been aborted before being born Michelle and the libs would be celebrating it all.
Gay marriage. What a complete pack of silly nonsense.
Now, if those two brothers with two gay boys prancing around in front of the camera.....they would be idolized.
Yeah. They are going to cancel a T.V. show because the hosts are Christian and have the flaming audacity to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, gay marriage and abortion! How awful! How ugly! How "anti-gay"! How, misogynistic! How ICONOCLASTIC they are! This country is going down the historical drain.
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