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The Dem Party is a criminal organization and every one of you people who cast your ballot for any of them are part of that criminal organization.
And, of course the usual response from the libbies when they see these numbers is always "But, Congress is lower!" "But, Congress is lower!" Of course thats nothing more than their hopeless attempt to make the Repubs look even worse than Obama. But, what the libbies ignore is that Congress is comprised of BOTH Repubs AND Dems. lol.
We have more reason and certainly more justifiable reasons to go to war with Mexico than we do any Middle Eastern country.
Criminal bastards.
Unfortunately, after the Obama Admin., their may never be another black president elected in the next 50 years.
Nothing surprising here. When the government simply excuses itself from obeying the law yet continues to hold its citizens to every jot and tittle of that same law - its no wonder people have lost faith in it.
So the Mexican apologized? Oh, well heck then its just OK. Too much tequila that night for the helio pilot I guess. We have more reason to go to war with Mexico than we have reason to go to war in the Middle East.
Lerner reminds me of Cruella DeVille. I bet shes a real B to work for or to deal with.
Its about time someone put that arrogant, snarky Koskinen in his place.
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