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And, of course once those people are hired via lowered entrance standards they also progress more rapidly up the promotional chain due to affirmative action efforts. Consequently, the police department winds up being managed and supervised by incompetents.
Libbies ruined the states they live in. Now, they are fleeing their own mess and coming to ruin the conservative states with their political and economic filth.
So, now that he has entered a plea of "not guilty" is that also "disrespectful of the grand jury?
Well, you know how it is; disagree or criticize a liberal even a liberal grand juror..........and they get all "offended". lol.
Whats truly unfortunate is that regardless of the evidence the officer is GOING to be indicted. And, he'll be indicted for political reasons rather than factual legal ones. Just imagine the explosion of riots that will occur if he isn't indicted. And, when the jury trial convenes the prosecutor will do all he can to stack the jury against the officer. And, if for some odd reason the officer is acquitted locally nationwide riots will ensue. And, regardless of whether he is convicted or not locally Holder will file federal civil rights complaints against him and I can assure you he WILL be convicted in the federal kangaroo court. But, in the final analysis the officer is going to be legally railroaded and sacrificed upon the alter of political correctness and these political thugs know that and of course the MSM will do all it can to assist in the conviction. This is the state of affairs in our nation now. All brought to us by radical liberalism.
In other words; the Community is a liberal utopia. lol.
Gay marriage. Such silly nonsense.
I despise liberals.
The Dem Party IS a lie. It LIVES by the lie. It LOVES the lie. Its whole foundation is based on LIES.
The Dem Party is a criminal organization and every one of you people who cast your ballot for any of them are part of that criminal organization.
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