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Lerner reminds me of Cruella DeVille. I bet shes a real B to work for or to deal with.
Its about time someone put that arrogant, snarky Koskinen in his place.
Hes just another arrogant, snarky, snobby liberal who thinks he is more important and intelligent that everyone else and will do as he sees fit.
More corruption of our children by the liberal fascists.
Disgusting. All these stunts that Obama is now pulling on the American People is exactly what he was referencing when he told Putin he would have more "latitude" after the election. What a totally disgusting and morally bankrupt thug he is.
And, I thought the Nixon Admin., was corrupt. But, NOTHING holds a candle to the corruption of the Obama Admin.
Criminal thugs.
Snarky little redhead isn't she. And, of course she dodged the question also.
Dem Party = Criminal Organization.
Of course crimes similar to these are committed by legals and/or citizens. But, the point is that these crimes need not have happened at all had the government properly enforced the existing immi laws.
No doubt Reid and his Nazi Party would do so if they could. But, I seriously doubt that the amendment would be able to leap all the constitutional hurdles in order to pass.
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