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But, remember that ONLY about half of those 340 millions Americans PAY federal taxes. So, if thats true then you may need to do some recalculation.
So its "good news" that the government shook its citizens down for a record amount of revenue?
West Africa is nothing more than another third world cesspool of tyranny, death, disease, corruption and government malfeasance. Kind of like Washington, D.C. lol.
The political platform of Wendy Davis: 1. I'm a woman so vote for me. 2. I personally slaughtered two of my own unborn children so vote for me. 3. I support and advocate the slaughter of millions more unborn children so vote for me.
Not surprising at all from a woman who proudly touts murdering two of her unborn children and advocates and supports the slaughter of even more. She is a cold, calculating, self absorbed being. In other words; she is a liberal.
RIght. The Obama Admin., isn't releasing the Bergdahl investigation report until after the election either.
Abortion is the proof positive that liberalism truly is a murderous philosophy.
Of course it will go to the SCOTUS. These libbie women demand the right to slaughter their own unborn children as they see fit and demand that the rest of us accommodate them. They'll find some radically left wing thug lawyer that will enjoy trying to clear the legal obstacles so the child killing can continues.
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