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Those are exactly the things democrats say over and over and over.
If somebody in congress doesn't pass a bill to stop this and they bail out the insurance companies there will be massive protests and unrest in this country. The liberals and conservatives will unite in this. It is outrageous and I wrote my representative yesterday. We'd better start bombarding them to let them know how rotten this is.
She is dumber than a stump and her pasted on smile and hand waving drive me crazy.
I saw that post, also. I can't help myself, but I have to respond to some of their nonsense and responded by asking why they aren't blaming Bush, since he still gets the blame for everything.
Yep. And also that all republicans are racists, hate women and are evil rich capitlists who want to keep all their money and steal from the old and poor.
You buy car insurance based on risk. If car insurance was "mandated" to cover having your tires rotated, changing your oil, etc., do you think the price of your insurance would go up? Me thinks so. When you mandate that certain things must be covered, there is no way it can be covered for "free". Use your heads, liberals!
I think most liberals seem to ignore the fact that doctors cannot afford to take on an unlimited number of Medicaid patients. Most can barely afford the Medicare patients they have now. I have seen an increasing number of doctors in our area announce they will continue to keep their current Medicare patients but will not take new ones. What eventually will happen is we will be a two-tier system of medicine. There will become more and more "Boutique" doctors and those who can afford them will have the better care.
Frederick 78 I think you're exactly right. Now that Obama doesn't think he's going to collect his billion dollars, it's "just not fair" that those Republicans are collecting money. Go figure . . .
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