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To Democrats: How is it Healthier to be Unemployed?

Anonymous16936 Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 12:48 PM
I'll tell you what is difficult: we had to go to food banks to get some emergency food supplies. The people were sweet and non judgmental. We were embarrassed to be so needy in spite of having given to such organizations many times in the past. We took the bags home, & looking at the expiration dates on the cans was a shock - almost all of them were either out of date (some by more than a year), or close to the expired date. I opened a box of saltine crackers to put peanut butter on them - the crackers had such a terrible taste I threw the entire box away. I made oatmeal, no sugar, no milk instead. I have one vote and it's going for Romney-Ryan. They've got to be better than Obama, anybody is better than Obama.

The Republican National Convention in Tampa displayed a large “debt clock” that ticked away at a rate of $10 million a minute, keeping the nation’s dire financial straits front and center. Had there been a companion counter with a chit mark for each time the word “jobs” was mentioned from the main stage, it likely would have clicked on at a similar pace.

This week, at the Democratic National Convention the word “jobs” is sure to, once again, be a popular topic.

As Vice President Biden famously said, referencing the number one issue facing the middle class,...