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Military Heroes Added to Obama Campaign's 'Enemies List'

Anonymous16936 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 3:46 PM
The Obama administration are fighting for their own jobs, too. I'm grateful for Ryan Zinke for making these statements and standing up for our military - our sons and daughters, grand kids -- all are a family's beloved child. The security leaks are unacceptable no matter who says them, and those people have to go. I have now made it a priority, that when I see a military person close by I will quietly say to that person "I just want to Thank You for all that you do for our country". They are always surprised, and graciously say 'Thank you, ma'm' and they appreciate being recognized for what they do for us. I ask you to join me in thanking every military person your path crosses. Let them know we care.

Barack Obama’s 'enemies list' just got bigger. In April, Kate wrote about one of Obama’s campaign sites naming and shaming private citizens who donated to Mitt Romney. Now, one day after Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund released a documentary-style video hammering the president for countless national security leaks and the politicization of the raid that killed OBL, the Obama campaign decided it was time to target military heroes.

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