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Oh, please! Don't you remember all the tv ads promoting windmills for Obama's clean energy program?
I often watch The Five and have to tune out Beckel. I get so irritated with his talking over others with his liberal rant. I want to hear an intelligent conversation among all of them, but Beckel so often just goes off topic to get in another liberal talking point. Many times he sounds like 'blah-blah-blah'. Yesterday, I had to turn it off. He was just too much. I tried to write this on but could not get it in to voice my complaint. Juan Williams will at least give intelligent contrary comments, and can debate without getting ugly about it. I personally would rather Beckel be replaced by Juan.
Rudy isn't running for office so he's not worried about retaliation from Biden. I am glad he said what so many of us have been thinking for so long "Biden is just plain dumb and should not be allowed near a microphone". I think Obama chose him because he is easily manipulated and would not be a threat of any kind to him.
How can anyone learn in an environment of such fear? Terrified to walk to school, to show you are smart and want to learn, being bullied by other youth, teachers terrified of being attacked by students. Its a gang society, run by those who are meanest, and it will get worse with every black child raised by a single mother in poverty who hasn't been taught how to raise a child herself. The entire group has to get smarter to live a better life; but it's so much easier to do drugs, sell drugs, sell their bodies, be bullied into protecting and providing for the gang leaders, collect a welfare check, and cry 'poor me, I'm a victim'. They've got to get the gang leaders out of the neighborhoods for good. Clint Eastwood said 'get off my lawn' .
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The Paul Ryan Choice

Anonymous16936 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 3:48 PM
Mr Sowell, I've read the Simpson-Bowles Report 'The Deficit Spending & Taxes' , watched the Feb 2010 video, as well as Obama's scathing response to Ryan's comments, and it just looks to me like Obama is saying 'if it's not his way, it's no way'. It seems even after all the work of the Simpson-Bowels Report, their findings are dismissed (the Gang of six, the Obama budget (1st voted no, then the 12 yr plan) because it doesn't fit their plans. In other words "if it is not their idea, it's not a good idea." I am truly worried. If people only knew what the medicare and sr plan really says, they'd go along with the proposals. Simpson-Bowles spells it out so even I can understand it.
This going to be really ugly!
I love this article!!!
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'Mad Dog' Harry Reid

Anonymous16936 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 11:59 AM
Reid & Pelosie sicken me to my core in their disgusting failed leadership to the people. Terrible examples to the citizens. Every time Pelosie gets in front of a mic she makes another dumb off the wall statement. Reid's out right lies on the floor of the senate are outrageous. And the fact that Reid has important bills sitting on his desk, blocking their moving to the next step of governing, is also outrageous. When we ordinary people are caught in lies, don't do our jobs, say stupid things that hurt other people - we are called on the carpet for it. We loose our jobs, & our friends. Why are these two still in office? I can only think their voting public are as stupid as they are.
I thought she kept her hair back so it wouldn't fly in her face while performing. I think she's beyond fabulous! Her face and smile are so beautiful, her performance so amazing -- she can think about hair after she gets back home again.
It's a fact that Reid was the first in the senate to tell Sen. Obama to run for pres and he would back him all the way. And he does. So, now I believe this story, too.
I think I'd have said 'mr smith, who?' and walked away. She's being more charitable than me, but I wouldn't have be so gracious. Having been bullied, abused, and mistreated - I've learned my lesson.
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