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Thanks, Shawn -- You "made my day" with this article! Long live Clint Eastwood!
I'll tell you what is difficult: we had to go to food banks to get some emergency food supplies. The people were sweet and non judgmental. We were embarrassed to be so needy in spite of having given to such organizations many times in the past. We took the bags home, & looking at the expiration dates on the cans was a shock - almost all of them were either out of date (some by more than a year), or close to the expired date. I opened a box of saltine crackers to put peanut butter on them - the crackers had such a terrible taste I threw the entire box away. I made oatmeal, no sugar, no milk instead. I have one vote and it's going for Romney-Ryan. They've got to be better than Obama, anybody is better than Obama.
I think anyone who gets an abortion (unless it's for rape or incest) should be automatically sterilized, and the father, too. That would stop this.
No wonder no one can trust or respect msnbc when they allow a commentator/anchor act like Christ Mathews to get away with this kind of talk to a guest. I'm glad I don't watch it.
The Obama administration are fighting for their own jobs, too. I'm grateful for Ryan Zinke for making these statements and standing up for our military - our sons and daughters, grand kids -- all are a family's beloved child. The security leaks are unacceptable no matter who says them, and those people have to go. I have now made it a priority, that when I see a military person close by I will quietly say to that person "I just want to Thank You for all that you do for our country". They are always surprised, and graciously say 'Thank you, ma'm' and they appreciate being recognized for what they do for us. I ask you to join me in thanking every military person your path crosses. Let them know we care.
"one out of every six hospitals and nursing homes that primarily serve Medicare recipients would go out of business, due to Obamacare's Medicare cuts. Those are cuts to current seniors." I participate with a group of performance dancers who go to senior citizen's nursing homes to entertain them. We don't charge these homes. It boggles the mind how poorly maintained these facilities are now. I'm sure the staff is doing the best they can under extremely difficult situations, the ones I've witnessed appear caring & gentle. But conditions of the homes are deplorable. Bad as they are, at least they are in existence, which it appears will not be the case very soon under Obama's plan. This is not acceptable.
Ms. Jackson, you and I don't always agree, but on this issue I am so glad you spoke up. It IS insulting to the black community and to all the hard work that's been put into Dr King's message. It sets back our society as a whole and creates nothing but hate between races. We have to get beyond this. Not forget our history, but grow and become healthy together, so we can all prosper and respect each other. We don't have to love each other, but we do have to respect, and be civil to each other, and words that come out of our leaders mouths like this from Joe Biden, Al Sharpton, and others just tear us all down, and defeat the purpose of Dr King's message.
I want to know "how much money do the 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of denying care for current seniors make per year, each person?“ I want to know exactly what they will be earning. Undoubtedly, the cost of their administrative services will come out of the medicare funds. I am confident that just getting rid of these 15 people off the payroll will save medicare one heck of a lot of money every year.
Disgusting. As mothers we tried to teach our kids good social behavior. Washing a dirty mouth out with soap to make a child behave. I guess only conservative mothers made that effort because the liberals do not seem to have learned any decent lessons in acceptable social behavior at all. Out right lying, spitting on another person, shouting ugly slogans over a candidate's speech, hate mongering, destroying and defacing public and private property. They don't know the meaning of civility. It's long past time to everybody to just grow up and act like a responsible adult.
Oh, please! Don't you remember all the tv ads promoting windmills for Obama's clean energy program?
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