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Disturbing Trend of Violence in the Name of 'Justice For Trayvon'

Anonymous16923 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 5:01 PM
Ho hum. Just another day of black-on-white violence. Nothing to report here as it is so commonplace. I am looking forward to the day, soon I hope, when the whites in America say' ENOUGH!" and start to take back our streets, our way of life and the standards to which we used to hold ourselves and each other. With us it isn't about skin color, it is about SURVIVAL. With them it's about skin color and "what-does-he-have-that-I-can-steal?" aka: "entitlement mentality". It isn't a "TREND", Mr. Beck. It is a national disagrace and has been since the 70's. Read the crime stats at the link I gave.