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...as it would have been, had not 158% of the registered voters turn out in some precincts, 114% in others, numerous minion of the Antichrist not voted numerous times, and voting machines not miraculously turned in 100% blackbarry tabs in spite of the statistical impossibility of same. Then we had the almost total suppression of the military vote, millions of illegals, felons and foreign nationals who voted for him along with cartoon characters and dead people and your get that magic 1% edge. In other words, sans same, this would have looked like Reagan's second term landslide.
flaming, you left off "3.) Both of the above"
Spittle of 67, try living in a world with facts for a week or so. It'd change your life. Your boy is an abject failure and has almost single handedly destroyed what was once the greatest nation in the history of humanity. You scurrying rodents of the left are trailing along behind him consuming his worthless leavings like roaches eating rat feces, blithely unaware that you too are failures along with him for having put such an unskilled piece of trash into office then blindly supporting him instead of howling for his head for his dishonesty & incompetence. And of course rather than attacking the writer's facts (you can't) you attack his writing style, as if you were somehow more capable of writing for a living. But as the old adage goes, those who can, do: Those who can't, criticize. Go away, loser, leftist swine. those of us who live in the real world don't have any interest in your mindless mewlings. Skitter back to your blackbarry shrine where you can prostrate yourself before "the one" and worship like the lickspittle satanic minion that you are.
he needs to start taxing the people that the DNC are legitimate voters: the dead, cartoon characters, imaginary people, felons, pets, and illegal aliens. Isn't it ironic how those all fall right into line with the DNC?
He does. He;s the results of one of those rectal irrigations. But he's also right about romney being a pair of used flip-flops and an "obama-lite". but at least he's not a homo, crack-headed, muzzie, marxist. Just a plain old cultist liberal.
"there is no god but allah" says barry soetoero's ring he's worn since college
and? It took a demoncrap to make it happen, justifying same with a "survey" on which the results were predetermined. As a consequence, straights are enlisting.reenlisting and career NCO's and officers are leaving the military. The end result will be an ineffectual cesspool of diseased, trilling rump-riders. tierh way, it is a loss for the country and only weakens us militarily and morally.
and a homo, and a muzzie and a drug-user and a fraud and an impostor and a thief. Why do you think he's hidden all his records while demanding more from obama-lite...err...romney?
gee, didn't your boy promise to bring the troops home from the 'stan and Iraq "the day after he was elected", along with closing gitmo? Lied there a little bit, did he? And then he's gotten us into three wars since while at the same time, toppling "friendly" regimes and arming our enemies with our tax dollar. this guy is outright schizophrenic.
and barry soetotero (since there's no proof that his name ever got changed to Barack Obama) is a hard core homo, crack-head, marxist ,muzzie pretending to be a Christian American. So what's your point? Even one billed as a "progressive Moderate" 10 years ago beats a lifelong homo. doper marxist muzzie. 10 years ago, a "progressive moderate was well to the right of where it is today.
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