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Yes, & I will tell you why. I was in the medical field for years and the majority of over weight/obese adults & children are in their position, because they do not have the will power to stop bending their elbow while eating all the time. Children lack exercises today because gym is not mandatory & X-box. Adults eat for various reasons, stressed, lazy, brain washed that fat is in the eye of the beholder, it's my thyroid, etc. You name the excuse, it's out there. People grow up in households that have poor eating habits & poor to non nutritional education. But why should I have to pay (via my health care cost) for someone's self inflicted over weight problems. If I work hard to exercise/eat right, why do I have to be forced to via BO health
Obama is the first Global Liar of epic proportions in this Century. He can be placed in the book of world financial failures. His nose has circled the earth more times than all the NASA shuttles in history. But being raised in a Muslim school. What did you expect? Muslims are taught to lie at a early age. Lie and get your way or lie to get out of trouble.
The point is with this whole thing! The Muslin dog in the white house along with the left is destroying the Christian and moral fiber of this country, on purpose. What do you expect from any Communist, immoral, Godless countries? And we are following in their destructive footsteps. We are over the cliff and lying on our backs, asking the Q, gee what happened? Oh!, yes, now I remember, jumping over the cliff, because everyone else is doing it. Duh! We do it because of political correctness and our moral compass was thrown away, because everyone is doing it. It;s cool, we want to go along and be with the popular nonsense. We don't have the backbone to stand our ground. Instead be cool, don't make waves. Stand your ground American.
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Obama’s Campaign about Nothing

Anonymous1672 Wrote: May 24, 2012 11:02 AM
Selfmade707, dito. Don't forget a lying Muslim, too.
No, the real secret is, wait for it. Obama plans to use NATO and the U.N. to invade us, so he doesn't have to have a November election. He already knows he is going to lose big time. Wake up America, the dictator does not want to leave the white house. He and his family are the height of welfare family in this country. Think about it. Spending our tax dollars freely (leaving on the dole) and still hating us, just like the fools on welfare in this country. Quoting a dictator, "it's only far." The Obama's have 10 million plus in the bank and it's not far. When and if he is removed, you will hear that our debt is around 120 trillion in debt. No joke.
Stupid is as stupid does. All the morons who voted for Obama the first time and will vote for him again; should be placed in FEMA camps before November to have their brains wired frontwards or don't let them near the polling booths.
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The Great Liberal Explains the Bible

Anonymous1672 Wrote: May 20, 2012 12:53 PM
It's the same thing for these idiots who try and give you the definition of the bible. They are incapable of explaining their stupidity. They are truly mentally ill. You know what the mental institutions always say? People who are mentally ill, don't know that they are. They think the healthy and mentally stable people are ill. Not them, as they look into the mirror everyday.
OK, but what about the youtube video; where Moocheata is in front of a Kenya gathering bragging about "how proud she is that her husband, Obama, was born in Kenya?
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