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"White House aides said President Obama won’t change his leadership style" Interesting. Firstly, this gives the lie to The One's assertions that he tries to be bi-partisan. Secondly, if The One has a "leadership" style, I'd be very interested to know what this might be. Such stunning LACK of leadership is hard to imagine!!
No, the idiots in charge of education will simply lower the standards, so that more "pass". We have seen that in all disciplines where standards are set - simply lower the standards, and "we" have done our jobs!
One wonders what his golf score was, after issuing this condemnation. POS!
Reid is STUPID enough to believe that the US has gotten "rid of these people". As in Poltergeist, we will be hearing "They're baaack". Dumb idiots these Dems!
Dumb thing of the activists to take rifles into the stores. However, if they don't want guns in their stores, they sure won't be seeing me. Their loss!!!!
He should go away. Like McCain, he is a poster child for leaving, when you no longer contribute anything positive. Yes, Dave M, he took that oath. It is not his place to tell us what to change - never was, never will be.
Ahh, you forgot the biggest reason. Make negative comments about The One, on Facebook or Twitter, and your chances jump to about 75%.
Costas has NO idea what he is talking about. He says that more often or not, bad things happen with guns. He should read the following links: http://civilliberty.about.com/od/profiles/a/Gary-Kleck-Biography.html http://www.largo.org/klecksum.html
You're right Katie. "Don't be fooled by MSNBC's bogus apology. This is exactly who they are and precisely what they represent. They're not sorry."
One issue that the writer neglected to mention, is illegal immigrants. By adding 20 million (??) illegal immigrants to the labor pool, especially in times of economic stagnation, the wages of US citizens are artificially depressed. If we were to enforce the existing laws, many illegal immigrants would leave, allowing wages for US Citizens to rise.
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