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Most polls over sample Dems and under sample Republicans usually around 10 %. This always gives the appearance the majority sides with Dems. Unfortunately we keep trying to elect candidates the media likes resulting in a lower turnout of conservatives.
Legally blind does not mean totally blind. I have played golf (and lost) with a legally blind man that couldn't drive an automobile. He could however play golf at a fairly high level. He did have issues finding his ball if it was way off the fairway. PM is a arrogant a$$. we left England to be free and we don't need him telling us how great things are there. He would be speaking German if it wasn't for us and our guns.
Let us not forget "fast & furious". People are dead thanks to Mr. Holder. History will not be kind to the current ruler and his minions.
If you're single and make $20K gross income how can you afford $5K a year in health insurance premiums?You can't. Cutting pay to Doctors and Hospitals and raising taxes. Remember it is a tax(Supreme Court) or it's Unconstitutional. another Social Security Scam!
If I chose to buy a car that will go 150 MPH and never break the 70 MPH speed limit, should the government outlaw that option for me? If I chose any number of guns why should the government tell me because others break the law I cannot chose? Laws only effect those who choose to obey and those who have the mental capacity to obey. Passing new laws will never effect criminals. If I would like to park a tank on my property I see no reason not to. Individual freedom is what made this country great.
"We don't care how the Hell they do it in Califortnia" - Cycle News East 1970's
How about Constitution Day. Every American should read it and it should be taught in school. Maybe it would eliminate the pinhead culture that seems evident by some commentators.
Goebbles would be proud. The Democrats have become masters of propaganda and the media allows this to happen and participates all too often.
The Government taxes it when you earn it, tax you when you spend it, tax you when you sell it, tax you when you save it, and tax it when you leave it. What the Founders must be thinking.
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A Good Man -- and a Funny One!

anonymous16470 Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 10:30 AM
Many out there probably don't remember when Reagan was running against Carter, but he was extremely adept at being very charming and cordial while being tough when negotating. His beliefs allowed him great faith in his abilitym to come out on top and secure what was best for the nation (despite the media). The left has spent the years since trying to deminish his accomplishments and elevate their hero, Clinton, to his level. Clinton is a slob and would be just like Carter and Obozo if not for a Republican Congress. Romney looks to have the same qualities as Reagan and let's hope he gets close to the same results.
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