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The judges & the gubbamint should mind their own business...and we can mind ours.
He is another RINO from Mexifornia, that's who.
same caca, different day...poor libs.
So he parties at the rich oil people's crib and then goes to the fairy house... Nice...
Water board the wench...30 days of bread and water...she'll talk.
Nikki, Call Scott Thanks, Cheesehead
You can't fix stupid. Hopefully, we can stop em from breeding.
Hussein, you ain't no American, your wife said so.
adios commie.
Just like the Pissant judges in Mexifornia...Going against the will of the people.
We don't need no stinkin pipeline, we need more refineries. Build one in ND or MT wherever the oil crosses the border. Then move it around the country wherever it needs to go.
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