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Hussein, you ain't no American, your wife said so.
adios commie.
Just like the Pissant judges in Mexifornia...Going against the will of the people.
We don't need no stinkin pipeline, we need more refineries. Build one in ND or MT wherever the oil crosses the border. Then move it around the country wherever it needs to go.
Hopefully, the dem will kick his butt. At least we expect dems to lie to us.
I expect no less than impeachment for Omama and prison for others.
Yes, there are us freedom lovers and there are the bought & paid for Rino democrats.
She must be hanging around the Guam goof
The latest reason to leave that dump...
Well said...and, she's been grazin a LOT.
He might be more inspired if he went to the Texas border for a month.
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