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Omama wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the ears...
Slick Willy is such a great example of the KKK party---lying cheating womanizing plantation loving anti-Americans.
Did you see the rope burns around Moooooooooooooooochelle's neck? Where her mama tied the chicken leg so the dog would play with her....
The only difference between the two is a skirt...NO THANKS
OJ killed people and Vick killed animals. Rice made some bad choices and he's out while Vick is still in. What a joke the NFL has become.
So, the little nairobi boy will spit in our faces after Nov 4 ? He ain't gonna get 72 virgins for this... ... .... .....
the states should tell the fed to get screwed and mind their own business
My congressboy is a disgrace. If the republicons want some respect, they should defund IRS, EPA and Omamacare to start with.
Now, crime will go up some more you morons
The sheriff should be a model for the GOP, but they're too stupid or have been bought. We have to rid ourselves of any incumbents with more than 2 terms.
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