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GOP Establishment ran 2 candidates 2 divide the vote 3 ways, Miller got 30% and "best" establishment did NOT get over 1/2 of GOP vote, pathetic
exactly and it's putting forth liberal disinformation authored by liberal progressive
DUH, does Matt Vespa check his sources?? this one's by an UBER Liberal in Liberal Bloomberg... so it's not GOP shift gears it's that LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES WANT GOP 2 SHIFT GEARS... read between the in lines you....
Snatching Defeat from victory, "Border Crisis" bill is Amnesty Lite with NOTHING 4 Border Security, NOTHING 2 stop illegal use of DACA
Guy are you nuts? Boehner's "Border Crisis" bill is just Amnesty Lite it has NOTHING 4 border security, absolutely nothing. passing "Border Crisis" is a GIFT 2 Democrats.
so townhall supports Boehner's Amnesty Lite?? absolutely NO border security in bill
i'd subpoena public and private emails from everyone on the "to:" list, along with Congressional interviews under oath.
After Appointing Pro-Abortion Judges, Signing Pro-Abortion Bills, now 2 start campaign 4 POTUS the UNBELIEVABLE Christie cites his anti-abortion words as "credentials", JUST WORDS nothing more than LYING WORDS
it's called Obstruction of Justice, a felony
2 Announce Obama's program of Send US Your children, your illegal alien children, then you can come live with them in the USA
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