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Take another shot of Jack and relax.
Yeah Jesus loved poppies and mushrooms.
When you say "spiritual bankruptcy" you mean Christianity and the constantly dropping numbers of people unwilling to cough up ten percent of their income to a con game. What you don't understand is that religion is to spirituality what 7-11 is to fine dining. If you knew anything about spirituality you would know that religion has nothing to do with it.
How about we eliminate tax breaks to churches? Pot is benign, religion is poison.
You know, one can love America and still point out its shortcomings and mistakes. The two are not mutually exclusive. A man should always owns up to his mistakes and America has made more than its fair share. I see nothing wrong with pointing them out. A little humility would do Americans some good.
I agree, we could update the bible too. It's pretty out of date as well.
Do you also mean to include in your "particular strain of an ideology or theology" the 4 thousand men women and children lynched in this country by Christians in the last 75 years?
People with guns are responsible for violence.
The only people, other than the Islamic extremists, who want this to become a religious war are American Christians who, so certain are they of their religious superiority, are praying daily that the clash will become an all out apocalyptic war. To both of the fanatical sides, Christian and Muslim, the end times is no fantasy or myth, they actually believe it and that they can make it come to be, after all, to both Christians and Muslims, the end of the earth as we know it is the only end game that they understand. Religion is the most dangerous substance on earth. Dangerous enough to ignite nuclear bombs.
Only Christians want a war with Islam, they seek it out, court if, even celebrate the idea and embrace the idea of all out war with Islam if only because they think in their deluded minds that Jesus is going to come back and wreak havoc amongst Muslims and then take everyone to Jesus land, except for those that ain't in the club. And Muslims want the same thing, both sides trying to legitimize their respective superstitions. Superstitions that will kill us all. Like the guy said, "Religion, giving hope to a world torn apart by religion."
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