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My wife and I make around 190K, I consider my self a Tea Party type conservative. I don't want anyone's taxes raised period. Quit spending get an entitlement plan that will work. Raising Taxes on the over 250k group is not going to solve the problem unless we quit spending. If Bill Kristoll thinks that raising taxes on this group wont make me angry he is not reading the tea leaves.
The Question is who denied was it Hilary Clinton or a functionary bureaucrat Nice job State Department hope you guys sleep well at night.
Another Case of Polish that turd . Wow talked about political double speak this fool says it not an attack on the United States, but a response to a you tube video. That is like saying flying jetliners into the twin towers was because they did not like tall buildings. Maybe he should try to convince Ambassador Chris Stevens Family it was not directed at the United States.
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Circus of the Vagina-gogues

anonymous1504 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 1:34 PM
Vaginas? I thought they were Tacos
Come on Mayor it will not make you heterosexual.
Vaginas I thought they were selling Tacos
Kira is right calling someone a racist is like calling them a child molester. Unfortunately The liberal left and black activist have used it so much it is beginning to lose it offensiveness. People are just going Ho Hum nothing to see here folks move along.
My thoughts exactly I Palin infused life back in to a a campaign that was dying on the vine.
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