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I totally agree about making Democrats live with the law the way they chose to pass it, however, there is a problem. How do we stop Obama from changing it by himself, as he has already done numerous times? Shouldn't a stand have already been taken, and do you really think the current Republican leaders can do it?
At the very least, the establishment has to put a muzzle on the very unhelpful Peter King and John McCain. Obama and Reid are taking over the House, and we need everybody on board to fight them, not each other. Keep your fighting in the family, not in the press.
Don't forget, it was Andrew Breitbart's tenacity that forced the media to finally report on what a creep Congressman Weiner was. If not for AB, it would just have been one more example of leftist hypocrisy that the media let fall off the radar. We need to follow his example.
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Why We Fight, er…Wait

Anonymous1471 Wrote: Sep 08, 2013 1:59 AM
Spot on analysis. Obama has proved so incompetent on foreign policy that it would be crazy to trust him in any military situation. Maybe all his golf and vacations are the best thing for the country for now.
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