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I wonder if he's also running on the Buffoon ticket.
Next up, they'll be forced to wear yellow armbands with the word "Juden" printed on them.
While they're at it, they also need to get rid of Jeff the Flake.
Yes, there are conservative students at Morris. And Myers thinks he should be entitled to hunt them down and kill them. Talk about a sanctimonious jerk.
For the sake of accuracy, Hillary is a condescending, empty pantsuit.
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Liberty or Firefox...You Choose!

Anonymous14356 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 5:29 PM
It's an excellent choice.
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Uninstall Firefox

Anonymous14356 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 5:43 PM
Although the name is similar, Filezilla has no relation to any Mozilla project. But Free FTP has a much easier to understand interface than Filezilla.
I sure hope Ben is wrong. If the wicked witch of the east gets elected, it's game over for America as we've known and loved it.
Of course she's not wanted there. Not with a bunch of butt-ugly lesbian leftists.
So the debate is over about repealing this pile of manure? No, it's just started.
The jokes almost write themselves!
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