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Gutierrez may be a second-rate professional race hustler, but he does have a point. Bush will be the last GOP president if the squishy moderate establishment keeps trying to foist undocumented democrats on conservatives as "our" GOP presidential candidate.
Just what they need ... another six years of democrat light. He sure has the smug look down pat.
Parents need to wake up and realize it's child abuse to keep your children in the public indoctrination center, aka public schools.
Millennials voted for this charlatan in droves thinking he was god almighty. So my advice would be to sack up and stop whining. Elections have consequences. Now they're getting it.
No, what's Un-American is using the government for punishing your political enemies and ignoring the rule of law. That harridan belongs in prison.
Dear Mikey, It's the Second Amendment, you sanctimonious little twit!
I wonder if he's also running on the Buffoon ticket.
Next up, they'll be forced to wear yellow armbands with the word "Juden" printed on them.
While they're at it, they also need to get rid of Jeff the Flake.
Yes, there are conservative students at Morris. And Myers thinks he should be entitled to hunt them down and kill them. Talk about a sanctimonious jerk.
For the sake of accuracy, Hillary is a condescending, empty pantsuit.
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