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If you want to throw up your hands in defeat and cry like a little schoolgirl, you're welcome to do so. But those of us who take our faith seriously will continue to stand against what Holy Writ calls an "abomination" -- even if 500 percent of the country believes otherwise.
Thanks for the aplomb with which you ripped Upchuck Todd's useless rear end. He's just another leftist hack who carries on the tradition of NBC ratings swirling the commode.
I'm kind of wondering how much of a thumping at the ballot box this harridan is going to take.
Also troubling is that she said she wouldn't be against higher taxes to pay for Dreamer's education.
Based on MS-LSD's latest ratings, probably not a lot of people even heard from this hack. It's one of the benefits of Twitter -- it gives ignorant people the opportunity to prove it.
If justice still exists in the land, Schmucky and Dingy Harry can fight it out over who gets to be minority leader.
Why was the book left off the NYT best-seller list? Two possibilities come to mind. First, the subject is Christianity. Second, the book carries the surname Limbaugh.
Yes, but then the low-information types wouldn't have had the opportunity to elect god almighty as their president. /sarc off.
Judging from the few who have signed on and the many who have said 'take a hike,' I'd assume the coalition is already a failure. I can't blame them for not trusting this regime.
That picture ... Is it Halloween already?
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