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This, coming from the jerk that didn't even have the political courage to pass a budget, and spouts false rumors on the Senate floor rather than WORK. How do you IMPEACH a senator? This man has been deadwood for years!
If Obama were interested in getting the facts out about Benghazi, he would have NEVER boarded that airplane to HIS Las Vegas fundraiser the day AFTER this tragedy. He would have been presidential--and met with his staff to fix this mess. The evidence now points to negligence and lies from him.
Obama offered absolutely NOTHING to change the way things are now--and we all know we are headed for far worse. We need a POTUS who can unite--not selfishly divide America. That man is Mitt Romney.
It's facinating that Obama is now having to pander to the group he should easily have in the bag--Teacher's Unions. Never listen to what he says--watch what he DOES. Additional teachers can NEVER be hired if we lack a strong economy and PRIVATE sector tax revenues to pay them. We can't grow government just because Mr. Prezzy says so. I wish he would TELL THE TRUTH.
Soledad is such an idiot. You think she would prepare and get ALL of the facts before she messed with John Sununu. Watch her flipping papers in desperation for a bailout. CNN--whatever happened to hiring professional analysts? This gal clearly works for the White House!
I don't think that's going to happen. Clinton is campaigning for him on Thursday in Ohio with Springsteen. I can't imagine WHY????
If Obama had taken his DAILY security briefings, he would KNOW there were HUGE security problems in Libya. Over a hundred incidents in Benghazi in less than one year--and the security was CUT? Those men were SITTING DUCKS! Al Qaeda has GAINED strength there--they are not weakened as Obama so falsely bragged at his convention. He needed to keep up the false narrative for his own political butt--and sacrificed our diplomats in the process. Politicizing? GET REAL, Mr. Prezzy!
This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Team Obama LOVES to propagate FALSE conclusions to bolster their campaign. If our government did the right thing and stopped subsidizing PBS, they would continue on their own WITHOUT it. They DO NOT need our money! Actually, Elmo and Big Bird are doing fine--it's our country that is on the edge of an economic crisis. Why are we borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend from our enemies on wasteful things like this? If we had a truthful POTUS who cared more about this country than himself--we'd get the FACTS!
If you take fact-checkers so seriously, why didn't you STOP with the ads that were ruled 4 PINOCCHIOS--Ms. Cutter? Oops, maybe that was part of the past four years you and the Bimbo Brigade chose to IGNORE?
Stephanie Cutter's job is to appeal to the dumb blondes in America. Never mind that man behind the curtain, you BIMBOS. The fact that our nation is in STEEP decline, and Obama has yet to deliver just ONE positive achievement for America. Just vote for the cute, cool guy--never mind your pretty little head in trying to make any sense of it all, LOL.
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