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Article is well written & makes too much sense. That means it is DOA at the White House in 2014. Try 01/20/2017. There is a possibility then if the Senate doesn't change hands. If it changes hands, BHO is even more of a lame duck.
His being Roman Catholic probably didn't matter all, did it?
She wants to work less & still qualify for all the freebies she is already getting. She doesn't mention how old that child is, but I am afraid with an absentee father, it will be stuck in poverty also or spending time in jail. There has to be a better way. I am an Independent & fairly Conservative, even I see our economy can't continue like this. We have too many low paying service jobs & are sending our high wage jobs overseas. A situation just ripe for a Marxist "progressive" President to enslave us all.
These kids aren't even citizens & are typically listed as niece or nephew. I notified Mr. Reid & Mr. McConnell's office about this in 2007. Mr. Reid's office said it wasn't a problem. Mr. McConnell's office notified the IRS. Apparently it was blocked by Reid's Office even back then.
Your an idiot. Just what do you think charges batteries or keeps all that "clean" energy going?
So I suppose they will advocate bringing back Steam cars like the Stanley Steamer. Natural gas, Coal,Electricity, or Gasoline, all cars are powered by carbon. Power Plants need carbon to power them. Wind turbines need a carbon based fuel to keep them running on calm days & just to keep it moving. The reality is until a flux compositor is invented that burns banana peels & garbage. We will keep drilling or go back to bicycles. Liberals are just idiots. Their 'fearless" leader chief among them.
Unfortunately UNLESS YOU ARE ABLE TO CLAIM DEDUCTIONS, YOU SAVE 6 MO. of EXPENSES & pay off that loan early. If you get it forgiven by teaching 3 yrs, Then TEACH!, Otherwise, save 6 mo. & pay it off 1st!
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Thanks for the Gun, Stupid

Anonymous1414 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 4:20 AM
Yep, spending less than you already planned is a cut,(pelosispeak) of course another example of Pelosispeak is the famous" we have to PASS it to find out what is in it".
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Barney Frank Just Ripped You Off

Anonymous1414 Wrote: May 28, 2012 5:58 AM
True, he & other politicians ripped off the system, but the guys who sold junk debt didn't have to go along with it, now did they?
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What I Did for Love

Anonymous1414 Wrote: May 27, 2012 12:54 AM
I tend bar sometimes for my brother & can barely walk when done sometimes. I do it because they all are my brothers.
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