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Typical of a DemocRAT. When running for election they will and do say anything. But if elected what will the answer be then? What ever Reid and Pelosi tell them to do!
And the Idiot opens his mouth once again.
I am a retired police officer. former firearms trainer and an excellent shot. I own a glock, several S&Ws and a 12 guage pump shotgun. If someone breaks into my house I am reaching for the 12 guage. For the first time in his life, Joe Biden is correct!
Something I have wondered about. Is it Genetic or is it something they learn? When a Democrat opens their mouth they are lying.
Why not, that is exactly what I do when an add for Obama starts. Either that or I change the channel. I just don't care to listen to his lies.
Yeah, Walker and Barrett were tied in Wisconsin right before the vote and we know how that turned out.
"highly regarded within the organization" simply means that this type of thing is what this person is good at. Slanting the news and making up things and twisting the facts.
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