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I guess you can't show this famous Spirit of '76 painting either: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archibald_Willard Because, .... bayonets and stuff.
Wait, the next thing that will happen is that the PBGC will have several 'Hard Drive Crashes', with no backups available.
As many as you can afford. Not necessarily with money, but with time and appropriate attention. We have five, and stopped when we realized that I would be approaching 60 when my youngest went to college. If I had met my wife 5 years earlier, we would have had 1-3 more. I have had women in my wife's presence that they stopped having kids because they didn't want to lose 'their figure'. Others seem more enamored with their material achievements such as many cars, rv's, boats, etc... than raising children. I heard second hand that a teacher once told one of my children that having too many children was 'wasteful' and 'selfish'. Needless to say my wife has never told me the name of this 'teacher' because I would have more than a few words for him/her. Both of may parents came from larger families and as a child I benefited greatly from the association with my various uncles, aunts, and cousins throughout my life so far. Saving for College is our biggest 'burden' in having a larger family, and even this can be dealt with. We don't have the newest cars, or material possessions such as large-screen tv's with 200 channel cable tv, but be are well fed and well chothed, and we have each other. My children are open and helpful to others. Hopefully that is my families 'legacy'.
Since no market exists in a vacuum, do these people realize that at $15 per house plus benefits, it may stat to look more cost effective to just buy $22K robots to prepare the food? I have to say that I used to buy my lunch from one of several fast-food places in the past because it was convenient. Once the cost for a meal went above ~$7, I decided that I really didn't need all of the calories and fat anyway and started brown-bagging. Maybe the wage increase will have the unintended consequence of making all of us healthier!
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Economics vs. 'Need'

Anonymous13133 Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 8:56 AM
The other consideration is food cleanliness. With Humans in the field, they need food, water, and sanitation facilities where they work. Automation needs none of this. Many of the disease outbreaks of salmonella, listeria, etc... are caused by food contact with feces, human or animal.
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Ryan’s Benghazi Surprise

Anonymous13133 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 9:52 AM
I can't believe that people are willing to believe the statement that the WH did not know that more troops were requested at the Benghazi consulate. The State Dept. is part of the Executive Branch and as such is under the leadership and responsibility of the President. So they (the President and his staff) is either lying or incompetent. The 'buck' always stops with the CEO of a corp.
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Chevy Volt: Solyndra on Wheels

Anonymous13133 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 1:43 PM
In typical government fashion, they want to add another system to the car for the per mile tax, when this isn't necessary. Just have the mileage recorded when you go to have your car registered, or smog checked, etc... What happens if the GPS system is 'disabled' wit a bit of foil on the antenna, or broken? Does your car stop running? Still a stupid idea, though.
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Jobs Versus Net Jobs

Anonymous13133 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 8:09 AM
Who does the taxation come from in the first place? Based on your logic, we should all work for the Government, and then everything will be rainbows and unicorns. Government workers make MORE than their private sector counterparts, with better health and retirement plans and private industry because there is no downward counterbalance on excesses and waste. You are trying to use the 'broken window' fallacy to somehow prove it is better to let the wiser and more efficient Government distribute OUR money as they see fit. Unfortunately, Government is NEVER wiser or more efficient than each individual person participating in the free market.
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Teaching Economics

Anonymous13133 Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 9:47 AM
I did the same. I think now the only thing a Bachelor's Degree confers to you (and indicates to a possible employer) is that you can sit still and take tests effectively, and you know how to learn a subject.
And emissions don't actually go down (the stated goal of the regs) because people hold on to older cars longer than they would have without the regs.
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