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Report: Obama Makes Threats, Concedes Little During Fiscal Cliff 'Negotiations'

anonymous12968 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 4:56 PM
Reminds me of the Israel/Palestinian neogtiations awhile back. The Israelis offered to give the "Palestinians" over 90% of what they asked for (50-50% is considered a fair negotiation) and the terrorists said "No!". AQnd who has been to blame? Why, the Israelis of course. Why? Because insane people do insane things.Welcome to the new America. White is black, up is down, lies are truth. I wish I had a solution but there is no earthly cure for the sickness that infects this nation. Only God Himself and the Lord Jesus Christ can do this. Without them...? Well, I challenge us to prove there is any other hope.

While most media accounts of the fiscal cliff fiasco have focused on Republicans' travails, few have adequately noted Democrats' starring role in our current dysfunction.  Harry Reid obstructed a vote on the president's plan, Nancy Pelosi whipped votes against her own erstwhile plan, and the president has fully retreated from ideas he supported as recently as last year.  A pre-Christmas Wall Street Journal article walks readers through the failed...