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Thanks Maggie. I've appreciated your coulmn here.
Reminds me of the Israel/Palestinian neogtiations awhile back. The Israelis offered to give the "Palestinians" over 90% of what they asked for (50-50% is considered a fair negotiation) and the terrorists said "No!". AQnd who has been to blame? Why, the Israelis of course. Why? Because insane people do insane things.Welcome to the new America. White is black, up is down, lies are truth. I wish I had a solution but there is no earthly cure for the sickness that infects this nation. Only God Himself and the Lord Jesus Christ can do this. Without them...? Well, I challenge us to prove there is any other hope.
I've heard a lot, too, about "killing them with kindness". We should outlaw kindness.... just sayin'
congratulations. and when the fruit of your arrogance and ignorance comes to your doorstep... and it definitely will...well, don't expect much help.
you're kind of pathetic.
and to clarify, when I say "lazy parasites" I'm not referring to people of any particular skin color. Shameful nanny state dependence knows no race.
Learn what? that we should lie constantly, assassinate character, own the media (like we have any control over that)? When 95% of black people vote for the kind of President philosophies that keep them down what can we do? Willful ignorance is the problem. Lazy parasites are the problem. Dead spirits are the problem. This has nothing to do with GOP.
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Gay "marriage"

anonymous12968 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 1:24 PM
actually the equation of sexual activity with skin color is absurd. Skin color is genetically self-evident reality. Homosexual desire has no...none, zero, zilch, from any science. biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics...not to mention sociology, psychology, historical tradition and religion & moral tradition stand firmly against the equivalency you're trying to establish. But, hey, let's not let a little thing like truth, fact & reality interfere with your worldview. And, after all, since you have emotionalism & name-calling in your intellectual arsenal there's really nothing to be said
Just a poimnt about the potential abuse of the "consensual sex" argument. The argument must give us pause because the pregnancy resulting from rape is, in fact, a punishment for the rape victim. There can be no logical application of that, however, to the consensual participant. Sex is fundamentally and, without effort to impede, almost inevitably procreative. There is and can be no excuse to claim ignorance (ignorance of indisputable physiological reality is no excuse when it comes to the law). The person is responsible for the consequences of sex the moment he or she acts on it.
feel better Wotan? Got to spill some vitriol, let off some steam? Emotions run high when truth is absent.
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