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Glad I no longer live in WA. However, as long as the State Constitution allows him to hit the pause button, I think that's fine. Problem is, I DO believe he is riding the arrogance train and trying to effect change by end running the legislature. He sees the president do it (almost daily lately) so why not? They (lefties) are daring us to stop them.
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The Myth of 'Traditional Marriage'

anonymous12968 Wrote: Feb 09, 2014 8:21 PM
weak argument. Multiple wives, poor treatment of women, etc...all still revolved around the biologically, anatomically, physiologically & genetically self evident reality of man and women being made for one another. Denial of the moral component is a favorite tool of the libertarian but it doesn't change what God made as being what God intended. There are consequences to sin irrespective of ones desire to pretend otherwise
employers should be free to offer insurance or any other benefit they choose. That's the point.
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

anonymous12968 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 8:30 PM
and then there was that little thing about filibustering a law that would merely outlaw killing babies when their features clearly identified them as being people. That's the true horror story: unspeakable evil as grounds to SUPPORT a candidate for any leadership position. Nice.
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Can GOP Avoid Obamacare Trap?

anonymous12968 Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 8:58 PM
Dems evil. Republicans stupid and arrogant.
That's a ridiculous comment. There is no law requiring standing. Not in court. Not a relevant comment.
Thanks Maggie. I've appreciated your coulmn here.
Reminds me of the Israel/Palestinian neogtiations awhile back. The Israelis offered to give the "Palestinians" over 90% of what they asked for (50-50% is considered a fair negotiation) and the terrorists said "No!". AQnd who has been to blame? Why, the Israelis of course. Why? Because insane people do insane things.Welcome to the new America. White is black, up is down, lies are truth. I wish I had a solution but there is no earthly cure for the sickness that infects this nation. Only God Himself and the Lord Jesus Christ can do this. Without them...? Well, I challenge us to prove there is any other hope.
I've heard a lot, too, about "killing them with kindness". We should outlaw kindness.... just sayin'
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